Saturday 30 October 2010

They may just be on to something...

In Japan, birthdays are definitely not as celebrated as back home, there may be cake, if it's a particularly cheery family and presents are usually only given to kids. For a long time, I thought this was so crap, you should at least get one day of the year to be spoiled! So I've always made a big deal out of Ryota's and all his family's birthdays to try and bring a bit more happiness to that one day a year, but I've realised that the Japanese had it right all along, sod birthdays! There's really no reason to celebrate anyway, just another day, another year.

The reason I say this is that I feel my birthday will once again be a fucked up day I'd rather forget this year, I can safely say almost every birthday since I've been an adult has either been shite or nothing special. Let's see...

17th birthday- Sister threw me a house party. Which would have been awesome had a carload of gang members not crashed it, spat in people's faces, caused fights and stolen stuff.

18th birthday- My mate got so drunk he vomited in my pool. Dad wasn't happy.

19th birthday- I got so fucking wasted the night before with my boyfriend and his mates at a club that I was projectile vomiting on the front lawn and spent my whole family party shivering in a ball on the bathroom floor while all the guests enjoyed cake. Self-induced, but still shit.

20th birthday- Can't remember so must have been boring.

21st birthday- The doosey of all birthdays. My boyfriend of 3 years who was living long distance didn't call me on my birthday, then dumped me the next day. (when I was due to go out for dinner with friends and family, including HIS family [who I love by the way!]) Was a very awkward meal with my family and his family not knowing what to say, my girlfriends consoling me as tears dripped in to my green curry, my guy friends wondering why the fuck they'd bothered to come and when they could get out of there. Horrible!

22nd birthday- First birthday in Japan, nothing special.

23rd birthday- my sister was in Japan but I was fighting with my best mate who was being an absolute cock head at the time.

24th birthday- Can't remember.

25th birthday- Was preggers so nothing exciting.

26th birthday- Last year was probably the best so far. Mum was in Japan, we had a dinner at home with all Ryota's family and Ash helped me blow out the candles, yup definitely best yet.

27th birthday....

I'll tell you on Wednesday but I can tell it's going to be pretty boring. Work. Sushi. Cake. Bed.

We were going to do a girls night out but that isn't going to work out for a few reasons, some of which I think are pretty lame to be honest but won't get into that here. It's a good thing, something crap is likely to happen anyway!
So I've decided to go all Japanese on birthdays from now on. No parties, no massive presents, just a cake and something small for those close to me. Of course Ash's birthday will still be a big deal, I'm already trying to work out how to make a wiggles cake!


  1. awwwww Im sorry I cant come for your birthday ... Its only because of lack of childcare though :( I feel guilty now ... sorry sorry sorry... :( :( :(

    I might surprise you with a surprise party one day in May or something though :D plus next month is my birthday, so we can try and arrange a corinne-and-fis-birthday-plus-its-almost-christmas-and-lets-find-an-excuse-to-get-drunk party then :D

    hope to see you soon xx

  2. Happy birthday for Wednesday. I think it's worth celebrating birthdays although mine was pretty crap this year too.

  3. Fi~ haha, no I didn't mean you!!! It's cool, I'd already cancelled it before you replied anyway. :)
    I think I'd rather a night of 'let's just get drunk for no reason' rather than a birthday though! I'm cursed!

    Kathryn~ Thanks, hopefully my celebrating spirit will get a second wind on Wednesday, my dark mood may possibly be because I've spent the last four hours making halloween decorations and am nowhere near finished!

  4. Hope it turns out better than you expect. My birthdays in Japan always suck, the ones at home were good, so I'm going all Japanese too.

  5. Who knows, this may be the very best birthday ever. Regardless I wish you a great one, whatever may or may not happen. My son turns 27 next month as well. He doesn't get too excited about them any more though.

  6. Meh, I am with you. Birthday`s here are nothing special but honestly my last couple of adult birthdays in Australia were not that great either.

    My 18th though I had a jumping castle and I remember that been awesome- had a huge party and invited about 80 people but about 150 showed up. I didn`t vomit. Always a bonus.

    21st was in Japan. Kind of nice but nothing special.

    This year, my 25th, I got a rocking chair. I just feel old.

    26 next year for me, 2 weeks before babies due date. Doubt it will be anything special.

    Shun`s family always has cake though for me (and presents from my MIL and SIL- so funny that me and SIL (married to Shun`s brother) get presents yet the boys don`t. And they actually sing happy birthday. WHich is nice.

    Hope your birthday is at least a happy day for you :D

  7. Sushi cake and bed? Sounds perfect to me!

  8. Loved this post, I wish I could remember all my birthdays from age 16ish because I know they were all shit as well. I suppose that's everyone's story though, nothing is going to top the parties your parents threw you when you were a little kid, so I suppose there's nowhere to go but down..