Monday 18 October 2010

Top 5 reasons...

Why not to get blind drunk on a Saturday night while your family are still visiting you in Japan...

1) You almost miss the last train... Ryota and I went to our friend's wedding celebration thingy on Saturday night and we were having such a merry time downing beer and gin tonics and rum cokes and god knows what else that we completely forgot the time. Totally out of character for me who is usually the time watching Nazi making everyone get to the platform with at least half an hour to spare. We made it. Just.

2) You let out all the bottled up stress and resentment towards your husband in one drunk go... I let rip on Saturday, from the way he chews his food to the fact I didn't think he was making enough of an effort to show me he loves me (DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA!) on a daily basis. I was smashed and angry! A lethal combination as the usual wifely inhibitions flew out the window, I almost threw an ashtray at him at one point! He was also pissed so instead of laughing at me like usual he went and spilled his guts to my sister, the big twat!

3) Your family then worries that you are headed for divorce and single-motherdom when really you just had a blind drunk tiff... This follows on from number 2, if my family wasn't here, Ryota wouldn't have felt the need to tell my sister to tell me that he really does love me, which then led to me ignoring both of them, my sister telling my mum, and the whole thing being blown out of proportion. I had to go to sleep with not only panda-eyes, stiff hair sprayed hair, but also my family speaking in hushed whispers about my marriage!

4) You wake up with a hangover and still have to do shite the next day... We went to a bird park in Kobe on Sunday, which was cool and stuff, but the small excitable child, mother and sister to play tour guide to and hour long car ride with belly doing flip-flops, yeah, not so good. There was a highlight though, we got our dead skin eaten by fishies, as my sister was climbing down from the pool thing she went arse-over-tit and landed on her bum. Fuck we laughed, I love people falling over.

5) You're the only one who forgets it all in the morning... No doubt every other bastard will have the image of me stumbling in to the genkan hopping around like a mental to get my knee high boots off with mascara streaked cheeks and wild 'ran for the last train' hair locked in to their brains from now until forever. Just lucky there were no video cameras involved.

Needless to say, I won't be having any booze for a while, by a while I mean until next weekend...

My mum and sister go home tomorrow, they have BOTH managed to get some freaky Japanese strain of cold with sore throats and coughs, my sister is still battered and bruised from her fish pool fall, and she was allergic to our cat, and my mum had some blood pressure issues going on so not the best trip for them but we had fun and the stress level was high, but manageable. I'll be sad to see them go tomorrow, it hasn't been easier but it's been, familiar...And when you live in Japan, familiar is sometimes the best fucking thing in the world. Expect a weepy post tomorrow!


  1. I really want to try those flesh eating fish. The drunken shenanigans, I've tried enough in this lifetime.

  2. Haha! I didn't even see your sister fall over and I was giggling for at least a minute (that's long! time it!), THAT'S how much I love people falling over that.


  3. Despite the drama it sounds like you're having a pretty good time. Falls are alway funny, especially when they involve someone else.

  4. Nothing is funnier than someone falling over, unless it's me, in which case it could be serious and people shouldn't laugh at the misfortunes of others.

  5. Your blog is addictive.
    This shit is funny.
    Your life I mean.
    But I don't mean it mean.
    I mean it awesome.
    That you can publish and share and self-deprecate where others (ie. me) would self-destruct.

    In other words, you're, as we say in Canada, funny as fuck. Love it. Love it!

    Oh and hope you're marriage isn't on the rocks. At least surfing season's over (right?).

  6. also, the name of your blog rocks the house!