Saturday 2 July 2011

Fuckity fuck fuck

It's days like this when I want to fuck off and run away somewhere. Anywhere but here.

Sorry to be so cryptic, I would tell the whole story but I'm on my iPhone so I'd kill myself in pure frustration if I tried. Let's just say the utterance of "you have a family" pushed me way over the fuckin' edge...

On the plus side, my kid is damn cute so I got one thing out of it all...

Replies to comments and a real post soon, I promise!


  1. Cute photo, but I'm totally intrigued...

  2. Your an amazing Mum, you run a buisness single-handedly and can run in a marathon if you wanted to as well. It takes someone special to be able to do all of that :)
    Haters are just jealous.

  3. We should have gone drinking tonight. Talk to you tomorrow?

  4. Hello,
    My name?..well, You can call me "Comfort" ;) I can be your cold beer, warm tea, quiet moment, sexual man toy at your absolute disposal.

    Please remove the sticker on my box that say's:

    "Designed for women who are able to relax enough to achieve total screaming orgasms. Women with heart conditions,high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease please select another less intense model."


    Playing with this toy has been known to cause females to display signs of extreme sexual arousal. Wanton lustful profanity laced vocabulary is not an uncommon side effect. Multiple massive orgasms are another side effect of using this toy.

    **Manufacturer Warning"

    This company is not responsible for the boytoy's behavior. It may spin you around, hold your face down on the pillow, pull your garments down or to the side and proceed to engage in high impact sexual intercourse while licking your ear and calling you filthy names.

    It may suddenly position itself between your legs and lick you for extensive periods of time until's batteries (steak meat/Redbull) run low or you have lost conciousness.

    Removing the sticker indicates a full understanding of the users manual.

  5. awww... big hugs hun. heck, i've been feeling similarly these days and i don't even have a family! just promises, obligations, (and lack of funds) but i really wish i could just fuck off with a backpack and go where the wind takes me.

    being a grownup sucks.


  6. I bet you're dancing it away right now!