Monday 23 August 2010

Am I getting older..

or are Japanese girls just getting more annoying??

We went out for the night (and into the next day) for our friend's birthday on Saturday, was lovely! Hotel drinking, Mexican restaurant eating and drinking, club drinking, dancing drinking, bar drinking, then back to the hotel for Aquarius and snickers. I didn't actually get half as sloshed as I had anticipated, am getting weak in my old age, after we got to the all-you-can-drink club I actually switched to Oolong cha. (Fuck, reading over that, I actually have turned into one of the J-girls I'm about to bitch about!) I guess not drinking 12 beers a night and surviving on 2 hours sleep every night really does lower your tolerance! Either that or I'm pregnant, but that's a post for a day when I'm not so shit scared I can't even write about it.

It was great to just talk and laugh and drink and be child/husband-free. We all got to do some bitching and be ourselves, really need to do it more often! I think the next one may be for my birthday, so I have vowed to get so fucked up I vomit up my spleen, cos, you know, that's what you do when you're young and stupid. (And not pregnant, dear God please not pregnant!!)

So back to the fucking Japanese women. I used to be very tolerant of Japanese girls at clubs, I thought they were cute and pretty and, well, J-girls. But they annoyed the shit out of me on Saturday. I can't quite put my finger on it and maybe because it was because most of them were like, 12 and I haven't been clubbing in so long. I'm honestly too busy with work to go into all the details, so let me take the easy way out.

Top 5 things that annoy me about J-girls at clubs...

1) They talk to you in the toilet. Fucking piss and go love, I really don't want or need you to squeal in delight at the fact that I'm not Japanese.

2)They let gross gaijin guys stick their gross gaijin tongues down their throats. (gaijin guy bashing post coming later this week, as long as I'm not pregnant...) Grow some fuckin balls and give him a swift kick in the nuts, don't just giggle!

3) They wear ridiculous outfits. Wearing a skirt smaller than my hankie is not helping in the gross gaijin guy magnet department.

4) They're all self-conscious dancers. I think there are two categories of dancers, one is the really self-conscious ones who, move about a centimetre to each side with their eyes darting around to make sure nobody is looking at them, and the other category are the show girls, who will feel up their equally show-girlish friend and be all lesbian with them. Either way, all of them dance like it's for someone else.

5) They push in the line to the bar and then think it's OK to just be cute and speak English to you. "Fuck off to the back of the line whore-bag!" I wonder if they would still want to chat if I said that...

OK that's enough bitterness for one day, off to pray to the gods that I am in fact not pregnant. Pray for me and my potentially fertilised soul!!


  1. Haven't been to a club for a little while now but your fighting for a cause that I stay the heck away :P

  2. Will cross my legs for you! And everything else.

  3. shite is there a chance you might be?? that's definitely another post. I haven't been to a club in fuckin years and think my list for j-girls would just about ditto yours if I did. Almost glad kunimi doesn't have any. I would well settle for a good izakaya.

  4. Am getting the vibe that you don't want to be pregnant?! ;-) Will keep my fingers crossed that you aren't, nothing worse than getting knocked up at the wrong time (although my lovely mistake makes me giggle every day with his antics so it isn't all bad!)

    You guys looked like you had ALOT of fun from the pictures. Am jealous!!

  5. Fingers crossed you are indead not pregnant but then again... just imagine the fun :P hehe!!

    Do you know I have NEVER been to a club in Japan? yep, I suck - I know! Kind of sad really... lol

  6. Do Japanese girls have the inability to tell the difference btw attractive and ugly gaijin men or do they just prefer the ugly ones? I've always wanted to ask but my Japanese teachers are married to Aus guys so it's kinda hard to ask it tactfully.

    Fingers crossed on the lack of pregnancy.

  7. x-ed for no pregnancy

    jgirls at THAT club are like 5x more annoying than other club girls i've seen.. i think they must put something in the damn cocktails that fries their brains...

    aww but i miss it tho...

  8. Not into the whole clubbing thing anymore. I loved it as a student when I would dig out my jeans (packed into a plastic bag because it smelled like smoke from previous outings), put on some black shirt and hit a club for actual dancing and drinking. No dressing up nothing. Hate going out in London though, everyone is dressed up to their teeth, wearing almost nothing, but lots of make-up on (as compensation?). I feel it's not about dancing and having fun anymore but about showing off to others. That's just not fun.

    Fingers crossed for you on not being pregnant!

  9. Ok-lighting double senko sticks that you are not prego....I have never been in a Japanese club and from the sounds of it my menopausal arse better stay out of them. I'll stick to old fart karaoke clubs.

  10. it's always awkward to comment as a lurker since it seems to come out of no where... I apologize for any weirdness... but, I must know where this Mexican restaurant you went to is located!

    Fingers crossed on not being pregnant!

  11. Only clubbing i've ever done in Japan was at a gay club, which is great. Guys will come up and be friendly with you and dance, but you know they're not being creepy/trying to get into your pants.

  12. I've never been to a japanese club to worried about all the grief i'd get for not being japanese. Even with out the bitching it sounds like you did enjoy yourself and it sorta took you mind off of the 'maybe-baby' situation...

  13. I'm crossing my fingers for a non- pregnant state with you.

    Your comments about the J-girls in nightclubs are so true- I did wonder if it was just me. Last time I was out, this one girl got up on the "stage" (well tiny raised platform) and proceeded to dance at the wall, with the same step-kick sway move for about 15 attractive...not. Then the previous time I was nearly sick in my mouth watching these girls fawning over some very ugly old foreign guys, who looked suspiciously like russian mafia or something- bleurrrghh!