Thursday 5 August 2010

Must be the cholesterol withdrawls...

because I'm feeling particularly mushy today!

I even cried when I watched Grey's anatomy this morning, I HATE Grey's fucking anatomy!

The past few days I've been feeling a little bit empty and flat, one of my friends who is just nothing but a wonderful person has had some fucking awful shitty crap thrown at her lately, she knows who she is, and most of you probably reading this know too, and if you don't know then it's not really important, but fuck, after all that I don't really know if I know myself now.
Anyway, the shitty stuff she's going through has been weighing on my mind, but the gaijin wifey/mummy/girl power community has really stepped up, and I'm so proud to be a part of a group that is not often seen that much but really knows how to support each other. I'm glad that if anything fucked up ever happened to me, I wouldn't have my family here, but I'd have the gaijin ladies ready and willing to support me/bash someones skull in etc. etc.

I've heard about bitchiness within the gaijin lady community before but honestly I've never seen anything but support in times when people really need it. So I'd like to take this opportunity to say that you are all awesome! *sniff!

OK, mushiness out of the way, let me give myself a firm slap across the face for 1) being so emotional and girly! and 2) for totally being Japanese and following the crowd. Yes, like so many other gaijin bloggers such as Gaijin wife, Fi and Sara, I too have ordered the 30 day shred in an attempt to whip my lardy arse into shape for my best friend's wedding this time next year. I have to be a bridesmaid with possibly the skinniest girl you've ever seen who's not anorexic, so the pressure is on! I sweat at least a thigh off this morning when I ran 6km in the blazing heat, but running is not enough, I need muscle tone and definition if I'm going to stand a chance next to skinny bitch (she's actually really nice, but still...)

So we'll see, also, another motivation to get healthier was my blood test results that I got back yesterday from when I donated blood. They had my results from a bit over 2 years ago on the little postcard too from when I donated blood in that small window between meeting Ryota and getting preggers. I'm happy to report all is within normal range, and livery functiony stuff is down from 2 years ago, (not surprising as I pretty much lived on Vodka and onigiri then...) and everything that should be down is down, apart from... da dummmmm, cholesterol, that sneaky little fucker!
My mum has insanely high cholesterol so I have to be careful, and even though it was still way within normal range, it was definitely up from last time (again, vodka and onigiri are probably quite good cholesterol-wise...) so my aim is to get cholesterol down, muscle up and be generally healthier. I wonder how much cholesterol is in Marshmallows, those squishy little bastards can't be good for me sooooo, my goal this week is to not even look at a marshmallow and to stick to 3 meals a day. If I set too many goals I'll never stick to them so that's it. Baby steps and all that.

The 'gaijin rights' discussion flared up again last night, and just because I'm a blog-content whore, I asked SIL for her opinion, but I'll save that for tomorrow when I will do a special tribute post to SIL and her ridiculous ways. You don't want to miss some of the garbage that comes out of her mouth, seriously!


  1. I cried at this morning's episode of Grey's Anatomy too, but I cry at every episode of Grey's Anatomy, and I luuuuurrrrve the show. Sorry. But I think the exceptional crappiness of said friend's situation has many of us a bit more thoughtful lately. It's hard not to be because when you break things down to the very basics, we're all in the same boat.

    And you made me curious, so I had to Google the nutritional value of marshmallows, and hopefully this is good news for you, but there is no cholesterol in marshmallows, no fat either. About 25cal/per marshmallow, and that is about all the nutritional value they offer. If that's your one vice, I'd say you're doing pretty good :)

  2. You don't get high cholesterol from eating cholesterol, your body makes it itself from things like fatty food. I'm not sure if that redeems marshmallows, but it might! PS I had smores last night, mmmmm!

  3. Go the Shred. Starting again on Monday when I predict bastard headache would have gone. And to think I was doing so well. She's very good she is and it's such a short amount of time you have to be really trying to make an excuse for a twenty minute workout.

    Good Luck.

    And if anything like your friend's situation happened with you then at least you have very accessible brand new surfboard in genkan to bash him over the head with :D Really is a shit situation for her. What an asshole.

    and looking forward to SIL's comments tomorrow.

  4. Yay Shred... I am waiting for my copy to be sent... so I will be starting hopefully the week after Obon. It will be fun..

    How do you find time to run... I guess Ash being at kindy/having in-laws helps... the reason I am going for the Shred is that I just have no time to work out unless Sakura is napping so - so be it.

    Hoping that I will lose weight once I start working too as I will have less access to snack foods there - gotta work on a "meal plan" or at least an outline.

    Dinner is the worst for me though, I can get through breakfast and lunch ok but when it comes to making dinner I get bored with the same healthy stuff every night and nowthat I have to cook for boring Japanese food loving PLUS types of food restricted husband as well it is not a fun time... any suggestions?

  5. Brenda~ haha, Well maybe I don't hate Grey's that much, I was watching it after all! Totally agree with you on being more thoughtful, it puts things into perspective for sure!
    Thanks for the marshmallow info!! Maybe I can limit myself to like, 3 a day or something, that wouldn't be so bad!! I guess it's better than a donut or something!? They're definitely not my only vice, but one of the main offenders!

    Rachel~ Marshmallows are slightly redeemed, although I'm sure there are many other snacks I could be having which would be better for me! I was doing some research into cholesterol today and they recommended 2 eggs a week! :( Harsh. Ooooo smores... *drooooool!*

    GW~ You are the shredding queen!! Barr severe headaches you seemed to be able to stick to it and you have 3 rugrats and work, so I should be able to do it no problem I figure!
    Hey that's a good idea, actually I told him the otehr day if he ever did anything bad I'd saw all his boards in half before I pissed off back to Aussie, he seriously went white, and not about the going nack home either!

    Sara~ Or should I say virgin shredding buddy! Yup, Ash being at kindy is the time I run, straight after dropping him off, I feel too guilty asking the in-laws to watch him while I exercise so weekends are out but kindy really is a life saver, I'd be 200kg by now if it weren't for kindy!!
    Dinner is my biggest problem too! dinner and after dinner sweets :( But I've been cutting out rice and trying really hard to not eat Ash's leftovers. It's really hard though! isshou ni ganbaro!!

  6. just joining in for a group hug. *hugs*


  7. On top of this, the forms of wheat and dairy we eat are not likely very different to ancient forms we first introduced into the diet.

  8. I agree with the awesomeness of the gaijin community in times of vileness... Im sure that friend you were talking about is doing an awful lot better with interactive bloggy gaijin support than if she was without it. In fact, i would guess without the internet and our little gaijin community she possibly would have stopped functioning altogether by now. xx

  9. Hi there Corinne. I've been following your blog since I arrived in Japan last September. I really enjoy reading your stuff and would love to one day meet you and all the lovely ladies in the "gaijin wife" community. Sounds like a force to be reckoned with!

  10. Yeah ganbatte with the shred! I'm rooting all of you ladies on, that are doing it! I can't afford a lot right now, pathetically enough. ;__;

    I hate those periods (no pun intended) where us ladies can just get teary at the drop of a hat - or over things that usually wouldn't make us do it. Things that always make me teary are shows that involve dogs, since I love dogs (and want one!). Rescue stories, etc.

    I still have my card from when I gave blood at the Suzuka, 'Bell City' mall. I can't remember if I got a good wrap or not. Lol. Maybe I'll have Takeshi read it off for me again!

  11. That's awesome! Gives me hope - continually striving to eat better and not quite making it but doing my best. Good for you! And glad to have you back.

  12. I could be having which would be better for me! I was doing some research into cholesterol today and they recommended 2 eggs a week!

  13. Animal foods are the only dietary sources of cholesterol, though eating a lot of sugar can drive triglycerides up. If they gave you a breakdown of HDL/LDL/Triglycerides maybe that will help. Also, hormonal contraceptives can push your cholesterol up.

    I did days 1 and 2 of the 30-day Shred, took 2 days off, and then did day 3 today. The first 2 were so hard. I could barely bend my legs afterward!