Sunday 15 August 2010

Oh my god, Jen B was right!!!

It started with a few measly fucking festival fish, and now we have adopted a freaking stray cat! We've gone from being 'non-pet people' to stocking up on supplies for two different fucking species on our day off. I blame Cassie and her dr Doolittle type influences...

Whole long drawn out mother of a story to come tomorrow!!

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  1. Knew as soon as saw title that you had become member of 'feel sorry for the kitten' brigade. Lets hope Ash doesn't do to yours what Shou does to ours. Poor wee thing. Am surprised it hasn't run away yet.

  2. I've turned into a complete "concerned about stray cats" crazy lady so this taking in a stray is like porn to me!


  3. Mwah Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    I have turned you to the cat side!!!!!

  4. naw, too cute. Have to let my dirty secret out of the bag now too..we have kindof adopted a kitty too. It`s totally stray, lives in our shed. So we started putting food out for it. It looks really similar to yours. Can`t believe how much we already worry about it when we go for the day and don`t put food out..our family just gets bigger and bigger!