Thursday 19 August 2010

Sorry to keep you hangin'

But that was really the point. The random gaijin dude came in, said he'd seen me a few times before, (crrreeeeeppppyyyy!) then I asked him a few questions about where he worked, pretending like I cared... and the rest was umming and ahhing. If he'd swooped in swiftly with the 'fellow gaijin acknowledgement' and then pissed off back where he came from it may have actually restored my faith in gaijin men in general, but he stood around for at least 20 minutes making my life just that much more awkward. He was also dripping sweat on my floor. Not cool buddy!

I drafted a sign but I figured locking the door would be easier. Although it really doesn't stop random fuckers from tapping on the glass at any time of the day. They may just smile and wave, stop and chat or actually come in and sit down, it varies. I really am living the 'gaijin monkey' dream here at my little school. I guess that's what you get for having blond hair and big glass doors...

Really not that much more going down over here in the Vinegar Arrow household... Am looking forward to a few things we have planned... Saturday night some of the Kansai pisshead girls and I are out for the night dancing and drinking, heading over to the very kind and generous L's house from Colorbynumbers next month for a day or two, doing a trip to Thailand in April for a week where I intend to be massaged and estee-ed until my body can take no more pampering, and then trip home for exactly a year from today for best friend's wedding who has informed me she will be making the bridesmaid's dresses herself, my squidgy bits will probably be hanging out of an unfinished seam but we will see.

I'll leave you with a family photo that sits on my desk at work, isn't my husband a fucking hottie!?


  1. Randomness on the gaijin dude. To intrude and then not keep up his side of the conversation is just bad manners! Dripping on the floor - inexecusable!

  2. that photo is priceless

    made my day! thanks muchly ms. vinegar arrow...

  3. lolz at the photo. Random gaijin sounds only marginally better than the wanker!

  4. ok-now I got it....hen na be sure...dripping sweat-yuck, I would have Clorox-ed that floor-gross

  5. I showed Takeshi the photo and he was like, "Whaaaa??" She's married to Matsumoto Jun??"