Tuesday 17 August 2010

See what happens...

when you get a damn cat!? You neglect your blog in favour of shampooing and feeding and falling asleep with a purring kitten on your belly!

So yes, we are now the proud owners of our little kitty, Whiskey. I called her whiskey for a few reasons: 1) I needed to down a few litres of the stuff considering I was getting in to a kitten adopting type situation.
2) Her stripes are whiskey-coloured.
OH, and 3) BIL wanted to call her "sabu" after dead Ojiichan because it was Obon when I rescued her and so Ojiichan MUST have been coming home.
Errr, fuck that BIL, I am not calling MY cat, whom everyone else wanted to throw back in to the dark night all by herself after Ojiichan, sorry mate, noooooot happening. If any one's dead relos are being honoured, it's mine!

So basically, all day Saturday, everyone on our dirt path street had heard or seen the kitty all day but every fucker chose to ignore the poor little bugger hoping someone else would deal. The crazy dog lady on the corner gave her some ham but that was all she'd had in god knows how long, so she was pretty scrawny but very affectionate and not crawling with fleas or anything. So I stayed for about 3 hours on Saturday night cuddling her and contemplating how to approach Ryota. He came outside at regular intervals to smoke and every time was like "Akan de!!!","Corinne, no! Definitely not!!" , "Doooouuuu suru!?", "I SAID NO!!" and that went on until I finally accepted that we wouldn't be keeping her and let the big crocodile tears roll down my cheeks. Of course inside I knew Ryota would come around, the tears were just that extra little push. Of course Whiskey, right on cue took that oppourtunity to do a little "meow" and rub up against Ryota's legs at the same time. Ryota then said "Don't cry!! Crying is sneaky!!" I don't know if he was But I could see in his eyes that the deal was done.

As much as I wanted to keep her, I'm honestly not a pet type person, pets rate on the same scale as pot plants for me, annoying and just not worth it. But Whiskey really is a little sweetheart, always wanting cuddles and really no trouble at all. We were all eating dinner tonight and Ryota and I were marvelling at how much of a "typical" family we've become.. Cat, kids, fish, responsible car... If his surfboards/skateboards and my empty wine bottles weren't lying around the house you'd actually think we were mature, responsible adults! Ha!

The whole in-law house is now in love with Whiskey too but the fuckers were completely cold when I was lobbying to keep her. Grandma flat out refused to talk to me, MIL started listing the reasons why it wasn't a good idea in a really whiney voice and even rang the pound to see how long they keep cats before they kill them, (3 days in case you were wondering! HARSH!!) BIL was all about calling it Sabu or letting it back into the wild. Actually, the only person on my side, by some miracle, was alien SIL! I guess she doesn't just restrict the weird love for her dog, she's into all animals. Wow, I better keep Whiskey tucked up at night, SIL might come in looking to pash her or something...


  1. Christ keep that cat away from you SIL. Thank god BIL lost his naming try. That would have been a bit much.

    Granny K still hasn't real warmed to our kitten. Still doesn't like that it is totally black. She'll come round though, the cat is super friendly.

  2. I'm SUPER jealous! I've been going on and on about wanting a pet... but responsible me (erm hubby) is waiting until we move into a pet-friendly apartment! Good on you for standing up for the little one!

  3. Lucky little kitten! If that allergy issue of mine ever goes away, I'll set up some stray traps myself!

    ...but, how will SIL handle this new and unexpected competition of family affections that the dog will have to compete with...?

  4. huzzah for new additions to your family! looking forward to competition between SIL's boydog and fighting kitten... I already see sparks!

  5. Yaay! I love cats. Good on you for rescuing a darling stray. I'm sure you already know this, but bring her to a vet to get dewormed ASAP and spayed as soon as she's big enough.

  6. Awesome, ganbatte little Whiskey!

  7. yay!! and i love the name. perfect!

  8. Hah, get all your in-laws wanting to be in Whiskey's cool inner-circle now she has a collar.