Friday 27 August 2010


Is what I am.

I have a hard patch in my tummy at the moment, and no, it's not ripped muscle, despite my shredding efforts, I seriously feel like there's something in my stomach... Tumor? Ball of gas?? Both possible. But if the fucker isn't gone by Monday I'm going to get it checked, despite my fear of hospitals. I should be thankful though, I've eaten next to nothing for about 3 days, I thought it was PMS but this is way different. I got my appetite back today so decided to take Ash to sushi, but got there, ate a few plates, felt sick, went home, chucked it all back again! What a waste. I can tell you too, the anpan I had for breakfast and ebi mayo salad sushi are not pleasant on the way up. The an makes the vomit sticky, the ebi gives it chunks, and the nori makes it green. Lovely stuff.

Ryota and I had a massive argument last night over, fuck, I can't remember what over. All good now.

Went to the big army base festival last night, I put on a cleavage revealing top and slutted myself up to drum up some hot army boy business for the school, maybe that's why Ryochan was pissed...? (considering I went without him...)

Was summoned to the kindy today for some 'hanashi' action, the teachers wanted to grill me on Australia, as they are starting a program to teach the kids about other cultures. Of course this was their roundabout way of getting me to agree to teach English at the kindy, but I knew that from the beginning. So I too, will be wearing the pink apron that makes you look like a big twat and putting on the voice that makes you sound even more twattish. I do love those little kiddies though, so it won't be too bad.

School is going good, got a few more students in and am planning on whorishly plastering my face in the newspaper soon to get some more business...

Ryota is still bitching about his toe but has said he'll just double tape it to go surfing tomorrow. Dickhead.

OK, my two little junior high school girls will be here any minute, happy Friday!


  1. Hope your tummy is OK and isn't tumor or similar. Bit scary but good to get it checked out. You never know it could just be one ab trying to break through. Jillian has found me some muscles on the back of my thigh and butt that I don't think I ever had before and used to do all sorts of sports.

  2. I agree with Giajinwife-go get it checked out. Better to know it's nothing than to have it be something and not know..!

  3. ouch! That sounds unpleasant and yeah, a bit scary! I hope you find a sympathetic and helpful doctor, don't put off getting it checked out!

  4. by the way...see my got an award :)

  5. GO check it out!!!

    get thee to a doctor girl!

    I didn't for ages...and look what i've got now!!!!