Wednesday 12 January 2011


So thank you for all the lovely confidence boosting comments on the last post, but I must admit I'm guilty of doing something I always bitch at the TV for.
You know the weight loss ads where they have the before and after pictures? The ones where the before one, the lady is hunch-backed, not wearing any make-up and pretty much looks so miserable that she may just top herself by over-dosing on donuts at any minute??
And then the after picture, she has full hair and make-up, a gleaming, freshly brightened smile and a new lease on life...?
I always say how they should keep the pictures exactly the same so we can see the real weight loss, yet here I am picking the most unflattering/sweaty/bad angle/looks-big-in-comparison-to-small-child-and-tiny-cat picture of me for the before and a semi-OK picture for the after!
So yeah, sorry! But still, 20kgs (almost) is still a lot to have lost and I am actually very happy with the way I look and feel at the moment. Not that I was that unhappy before, but finding clothes in Japan is enough of a struggle being a giant, a chubby giant stands no chance! I also find running much easier when my flummy doesn't jiggle as much!

So, a few of you asked about how I did it, so, without sounding like an anorexic nut job, here are my top 5 (tongue in cheek) weight loss tips!

1) Drugs.
If for nothing else other than the placebo, the drugs have done me wonders. I guess oily bum is also helping, that oil would have otherwise gone in to my system, ewww!
Of course when my sencond baby comes out with 2 heads and 18 toes I may regret the drug option, but for now...

2) Getting really bad tonsilitis or some other horrid illness.
Guaranteed you'll eat fuck all for days.

3) Finding an exercise that you actually enjoy.
OK this one is serious! I love running, and I think if you can find a form of exercise you love whether it be swimming, kicking the footy, sex, whatever! It really helps if you don't dread exercising.

4) Portion size.
This is serious too. When I serve dinner, I give Ryochan a grown up plate and Ash and I kids plates. I'm allowed to go back for seconds but usually I can't be arsed getting up, or I'm already full after a kiddie portion. I eat all the same crap I used to, just in smaller sizes!

5) Marry a total arse.
OK, not a total arse, that would be stressful, but enough of an arse that sometimes he's such a twat, he puts you off your dinner.

For me, the best motivation has been seeing the results, if I lose a little bit, it always spurs me on to lose more, but everyone is different I guess.
It's weird, despite Japanese women generally being thinner and Japan being a very image conscious place, I've never felt that much pressure to be thin here, I think it's because I stick out like a big, foreign,sore thumb anyway, so being fat doesn't actually have that much significance... Plus, you get excused for being fat because you're not Japanese, cos you know, all white people are American, and all Americans like hamburgers...
Especially since I got married too, being off the market can make you very lazy!

So, there it is! Good luck, if you're trying to lose weight, just remember... "Nothing tastes better than being thin..."


  1. I can vouch for Number 2!!!

    Had a mammoth ovarian cyst...went from usual 58kg to 52.5 kg.....with an operation and 2 kg back of crazy ovaries removed....then step by step...crept back up to 59kg.

    Ovarian cysts...way to go.
    You need stress. Lots of it.
    Wait a while.
    Then watch your ovaries multiply....

  2. Long time reader, first time poster. :)

    Funny you should mention white people = hamburger lovin' Americans. When I was studying abroad in Kyoto a couple years ago, one of the European students was shocked to hear that I was American. All she could say was "oh, you don't look American". XD What I think she meant was, "wow, you aren't super fat!!" lol

  3. If you were really copying Japanese magazines and TV, you'd have been wearing a bikini and doing a semi porno pose. Oh, and you'd need the stripper shoes too.
    That'd be a blog for a slightly different kind of audience though...

  4. Would you be the dealer of these magical pills? I definitely want some :)

    Thanks for the tips, especially #4

  5. I have been thinking lately my goal is to lose enough weight to be able to buy clothes here without having to pay a fortune. Then shrink my feet so I can buy shoes!

    My serious weight loss tip is to not get injured! That's really screwed me up.