Saturday 22 January 2011

Sexist bastards!

So, away from the matching topic, although let me say that if you're into matching your kiddies, go for it! As a commenter said, it really is all about personal taste!

And as for Ash getting SIL love, seriously, this kid gets enough love and presents and cuddles, he doesn't need matching jumpers from dog-fucker. But it's true, it's nicer she wanted something for him rather than ignoring him completely or it?? Hmmm.......

On a totally different topic, I'm playing the game 'Guess who?' with my junior high school kiddies this week (Gotta love having your own school, you can play natsukashii games for half an hour and call it an English lesson!!) and I have a right mind to write to the makers! What's the bet that the staff at Milton Bradley are, say, hmmmm 90% male?? Because the people on their game board are! There are 24 game pieces, and 5, yes, 5 are women. What the fuck is with that!? Not only does it fuck the game up if someone picks a woman they're bound to lose, but it's just plain sexist! I actually spent 10 minutes discussing this with my students today and we ended up drafting an angry letter together! (I didn't explain the swear words)

I can understand it being like this back in the dark ages, but come on people, lets leave the blatant sexism for Japanese games/workplaces/society at least!

Right, off to have a beer and continue ignoring Ryota as he is being an absolute arse. More on this when the final result is clear, it'll be either
1) Continued ignoring.... tedious and not preferred.
2) Apology from him and make-up shag... happy happy joyful life! preferred.
3) Death by surfboard crack to the head, me fleeing the country and blogging from somewhere in South America... interesting and exciting but a lot of work.


  1. If you make a petition, I'll sign! Great game for ESL otherwise, but why???
    reminds me of the occupation cards at a big eikaiwa I used to work for. The females were waitress, hairdresser, florist, singer, or nurse. We didn't even get teacher. And the key sentence was "What do you want to be?". Of course all the girls picked from the 5 female cards whereas the boys had about 20. Grrrr.

  2. OMG - you'e just reminded me that I bought said game at home during Christmas trip and have no idea where the fuck it is!! Hmmmm, must find so can have sexist Guess who game with all my English kids. Choice. Hope you got the apology and the shag, although I hear the internet connection in South America is actually a lot better than you'd think.

  3. Is this a newer version of Guess Who?? i remember the version i had as a kid had only 3 women, so if you were the unfortunate one to pick one of the three you were guaranteed to lose in like, 2 turns. You should make a petition, as Xana mentioned!
    A good idea using that for lessons though.