Sunday 9 January 2011

Snoozy Sunday

Today has to have been the laziest, most boring day I've had in a long time! Which was kind of nice, but now I feel like I've wasted my only day off in the week.

Ryochan is such a homey person, if it was up to him he'd probably only leave the kotatsu to smoke and piss, even then, if I offered him a ciggie and a colostomy bag I'm sure he'd go for it. I, on the other hand, hate just staying at home all day, I have to get out at least once a day or I go slightly mental. Of course the reason I hate staying at home is because I have to clean up all the crap and mess that is made when we do stay at home. Today I had visions of taking Ash to karaoke or shopping, but ended up just seriously doing absolutely nothing at all.

Happy to report that Grandma was relatively quiet today, although was bleating on for a while about futons that I should have had airing and a few other futon-related offences I've committed, but nothing I couldn't ignore.

I'm watching the show "hajimete no otsukai" at the moment, where little kids go to the shops and get things for their mum for the first time while dudes with cameras follow them. I freakin love this show, so cute. But slightly worrying, the guys carrying cameras look well dodgy, if some pedophile was following these kids with a camera they obviously wouldn't be too fussed! To see the little kids crying that they're scared to go is also pretty heartbreaking, don't know if I could do it, then again, I remember my dad sending me to the little shop down the road from our holiday house and being shit scared to go by myself, only reason I went is because I was going to buy a milky way... but I do remember feeling very very proud when I was on my way back that I'd had the balls to actually do it. I was thinking what would happen if I sent Ash off on his own to the local conbini, can just imagine it, every Obachan on the dirt path would tell him his mother hadn't dressed him enough and then bring him back home most likely!

Right, best go to bed, every other bastard has the day off tomorrow while I'll be working, don't want to be tired and have holiday envy as well! Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Sometimes a day of doing nothing is something worthwhile. I'm fond of an occasional day of nothingness, and stuff.

  2. we were watching that too. In real life mothers wouldn't send their four year old to get on a bus, go to a shrine, fill up some heavy water, buy tofu and then get on another bus to get to a supermarket to buy more stuff. Crazy. The two little girls were just about bitch slapping each other by the time they got back. And that mother peeping at her daughter digging spuds was funny. I'd be in tears too - hell, I was in tears.
    And so agree. Far too many dodgy looking camera men with tool boxes walking round!!!

  3. I love that show, although I sometimes wonder if the kids aren't slightly scarred for life after.