Sunday 16 January 2011

Nice day

I didn't write anything yesterday, mainly because I was busy at work, but partly because my fingers were frozen solid and I couldn't possibly type. Minimum of -4 and a top of 0 here today, insane for this Australian beach bum!

I was also still thinking about the previous earring post and all the different issues that go with it. Ryota and I have had numerous discussions on the topic since the other day and I've come to a realisation on why I feel I need to fight the 'gaijin fight' even when I don't necessarily agree with the western way of doing things.
I realised that in Australia, if someone moves there with their spouse, lives there for years and years, speaks English and pretty much acts Australian, nobody will think twice about thinking of them as, Australian.
But in Japan, no matter how long I live here, speak Japanese perfectly or follow every Japanese rule in the book, I will NEVER, EVER be seen as even slightly Japanese. I know this, and I'm OK with it, but if I know I have no chance of ever adopting another culture, then it must make me fight to keep my own. I'm kinda stuck in cultural limbo! It really is an interesting thing to have a think about, not too much though, my pretty blond head may explode.

Took Ash in to the city today to go book shopping and have steak for lunch, was so much less stressful leaving Ryochan at home, I must remind myself to do it more often. I also had a funny experience with a crazy dude but I'll save that story for tomorrow as I'm off to eat takoyaki with all the in-laws, hell that may even give me some good blogging material for tomorrow too!

Nighty night, may all your piercings be following the rules and all your whales be un-slaughtered... That can never be a word.


  1. Yeah I think Australia might actually go too far in the other direction. It's getting to be like if someone is on a week's vacation there, you have to call them an Australian!

  2. I think I'd have trouble, at least at times, with living in a different country, with different culture and customs. Since I'm old and set in my ways I'm sure there'd be a clash or two.

  3. Oh, I dunno, I think I would definitely prefer to be un-slaughtered...

  4. It can be so frustrating living in cultural limbo, can't it? My roommates find it funny that I try so hard to do things the Japanese way. They can't see why I bother, but I'm just trying to be accepted. It works sometimes. And I may try to teach Un-slaughtered to someone this week and see if it catches on.