Wednesday 7 July 2010

10 things I love about you.

So for today (and today only) I have decided to be Mary effing sunshine and do a lovey dovey post, seeing as it's my wedding anniversary and all. See, I even avoided saying 'fuck' in the opening sentence! (and the explanation fuck so doesn't count)
Ryochan and I have been married two years today, tanabata. Although, I may have to alter this figure and tack an extra year on in the future so Ash doesn't twig that he was so obviously a 'dekichatta' baby...

10 things I love about you

I love the way you don't care what people think, and if you do care, you just tell them to shut the hell up.

I love the way you are Mr fashion and care about the way you look.

I love the way you fart in public and then blame me in a loud voice because you know I'll go bright red.

I love the fact that you are the 'nice' parent, always sneaking Ash snacks when you think I'm not looking.

I love that you use really bad English in such a confident way.

I love that you're a surfer.

I love that you stick up for me when I stuff Japanesey culture things up.

I love that you will never actually read this, because you can never be arsed reading anything in English, hence saving me any open affection embarrassment.

I love that you take the piss out of me.

I love you Ryo-chan!

A lot has happened in the past two years, but through unplanned pregnancy, birth, death, love, fights, petty lists (see previous posts...), time apart, too much time together, new job, new business, family arguments and all the rest in between I'm still glad I got married for some insane reason.


  1. Happy Anniversary C+R!!!
    And many many more :)

    I like your list... I should make one too to reflect on when I've got one hand on my passport and the other on a suitcase! (J/k!!!) ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary. Hope you get to get a bit squiffy tonight. I love your list too and very impressed you got through the whole post without any fucks. Love 1,4 and 7. You guys have had lots of stuff happening in just two years!! Hopefully the next two years will be a bit 'calmer'.

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Great list- it is not too lovey dovey which is nice. The farting in public cracked me up though.

  4. I think the dekichatta baby just hastened the inevitable. You belong together.
    And I'll add 'get pantsed' to get squiffy for tonight!!!!

  5. Congrats!! You make a fab trio!! Hope your hub does something nice for you!

  6. Congratulations! Is that picture recent? He DOES look skinnier!

  7. Happy anniversary! SOunds like quite a ride. YOu should check out Girls Gone Child blog - she`s a great blogger and got pregnant when she`d known her husband for five months, so they got married and had a kid. Your story reminds me of hers!

  8. Congratulations! Hope you had a great night last night :)