Wednesday 14 July 2010

I'm not really one...

to blog about the weather, but we take what we can get with this everyday update bullshit. So can I just say, FUCK OFF RAIN! This is the first rainy season where I actually get why it's called 'rainy season.' For the past 5 years I've always taken the piss out of Japanese people when they would harp on about rainy season, and I have now become one of those harpers, it's how I start most conversations these days, and blog entries it would seem.

In other news... I ran 6kms this morning. In the rain. Go me.
I say ran, I think a new event should be invented, and it should be called the 6km puddle dodge. The course where I run is around a pond, so you'd think that all the water would just fuck back off in there, but no. It just seems to make gigantic puddles for me to dodge while running. The puddles were so big this morning, even my giant legs couldn't jump them and I got a lovely case of 'squelchy shoe.' But I must say, running in the rain is so much better, it keeps the Obachan dog walkers and bored Occhans from leaving the house, meaning I'm free to puff my way around the track without the fear of looking like the pathetic fat gaijin girl struggling her way round, wobbly bits and all.

Ryota is home early today, he decided to take half the day off to "help me" read- look at surfboards. But he is going to pick Ash up from kindy and I haven't left any dinner so he'll have to fend for himself and the wee lad from about 5pm onwards. I'll bet 10,000yen with anyone who's willing he goes straight to Mummy's house and scabs their food. he tried to act like the hero last night because when I got home he'd just gotten out of the bath with Ash, he was all dramatic saying how tired he was however I later discovered that Ash had been at MIL's house the whole afternoon, he only gave him a bath and that was it! Sneaky fucker.

OK, best go do some work and make a kindy list for Ryota the poor pathetic pet, or else Ash may come home from kindy with another kid's dirty nappies and the teacher's hat in his bag.


  1. 6kms in the rain - good bloody effort.

  2. 6kms! Hats off to you! Perhaps the rain'll wash the dust from my trainers :P