Wednesday 28 July 2010

Japanese wifey negotiation skills 101...

Passed with distinction!

When I approached Ryota about the stuff I wrote yesterday (ie. Me doing everything in the house AND working) I thought about it carefully and decided I could go about it two ways:

"Oi fucker, I'm not only working full-time to support us but am also getting stuck with all this housework bullshit. Fair go mate, get off your arse and cook dinner will ya'!"

"Welcome home husband! *kiss* Did you have a good day, you poor thing, you work so hard for us every day! Thank you!
So.... I've been thinking, and it's really not fair for you to wait for me to eat dinner, so the days that I'm going to be late, I'll feel much less guilty if you can whip yourself something easy up or eat at your mum's house. What do you think...?"

I went for the Japanese way, and it worked! I'm still actually in shock from the rational response I got from him, he was all "Of course, it's hard for you to make dinner when you get home and easier if I just get something myself" AND he folded and put away the 4 days worth of washing that was in the basket while I was giving Ash a bath!!! Where the fuck did that come from?!
Maybe all you wise women commenters are right, he really does just need to be spoon fed instructions or else he won't think about it! So tonight he's eating at the in-laws and I feel much better just knowing that I don't have to worry about rushing home and making something.

It's amazing how you can twist words around to get exactly what you want... I'm discovering more and more that Japanese women are masters of this, they come off all submissive and trampled, but they actually get whatever the fuck they want out of the situation. Amazing. I'm still an amateur in this field but will do my best to become a master manipulator by my 10th wedding anniversary.

In other news.... Not much to report, had a terrible night's sleep last night, does anyone else get this; you put the AC on, fall asleep then get too cold so you turn it off in a sleepy slumber only to wake up again sweating your titties off! Soooo annoying, we woke up at least 5 times last night in that horrible pattern. Maybe we should invest in a good fan for sleeping...? Fuck I don't know. I also had horrible horrible heat nightmares, I was being chased by some dude who wanted to cut my skull open. Loooooooovvvveeellllyyy.


  1. yay! good work there Corinne sensei!
    As for the AC, do you have a `dry` setting? It seems to just take the humidity out of the room and not make it sooo cold. (we usually set it at 25)..

  2. The Aussie way might not work as well but it's a helluva lot more satisfying :)

  3. i find blankets help. we're kinda forced to use them, anyway, because tommy insists on wrapping himself in blankets! get a towelket (what a weird word!), a light blanket and maybe a quilt. i HATE it when i am perfectly comfortable and SOMEONE turns off the AC. grrr....i cannot sleep when i'm overheated!

  4. We sleep with a fan - hub hates it directly on him but I'm the opposite. If i can hear the fucker whirling then it better be pointed in my direction or what's the bloody point. We have lost remote for aircon though so fan is only choice. Got too hot last night though and braved it in Shou's room with the aircon and seriously like twenty feet and fifty hands. Punch, bang, wham, pow... Think I'd rather be with the fan.

    Great you are starting to master the powers of wifey persuasion. Aussie way only more satisfying for initial ten seconds :)

  5. The power of words! I hear ya! I think its the most important skill - truly! Sniggered at the 'trampled' comment, as I saw a mother make her son spit what was left of his doughnut into her hand when he said he didn't like it. Guess it was hard to negotiate with a mouthful of food - will keep this in mind when I employ the 'Japanese technique' ;P