Sunday 11 July 2010


Another quickie from bed!!! Sunday should so be my day off, no place for blogging on the day of rest!

Had a lovely day with some awesome gaijin ladies and their insanely cute kids (piccies to follow!) today at sassymoo's joint. Wish I'd had some drinks instead of driving but have a raging headache now and alcohol probably would only have made it worse.

Ryota informed me today he wants to shell out 90,000 yen on a purchase he desparately needs, can you guess what it is? No cheating sassy!!

Ash hookin in to the snacks...


And my little fairy jumping on the lounge...


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  1. Totally addicted to your blog! Thought I'd better stop being the anonymous weirdo from Yokohama Kanagawa and leave a note to say your blog brightens up my day!

  2. If your husband is anything like mine, it'd be a watch!

  3. something for the car - navi?? hub caps and tyres?

    Good thing you didn't drink yesterday - what with it being a holy day of rest and all :) Sounds like fun afternoon though.

  4. I say a keg-O-rater so you and he can always have a cold one from the tap!