Saturday 24 July 2010

Whaddaya mean we're weak whities!?

OK, this will be a quickie, as Ryota went surfing this morning at 3:30am, got home at 2pm, then slept till 4:30pm when I had to wake him up because I have a ton of work to do. WANKER!!!!
But I'm letting my frustrations out here as to keep a calm weekend household. I wouldn't mind so much except that Monday Ash has his year and a half checky thing which means he won't be at kindy but I still have a zillion lessons (OK just 4) to teach and have to plan today or else I'll have to come in to the school tomorrow, and well, fuck that. So I'm taking a deep breath, sucking it up and just doing it. Well, in between blogging that is...

So Ashton has a tendency to get quite a bad rash on his face in extreme weather, or non- extreme weather, he's just prone to getting them, my sister appropriately labelled him "Rashy Ashy" at birth. There's great bullying material right there!
Anyway, he's got some bad rash action going on at the moment from the heat or sun or pool every day or whatever. And I'm really not that concerned, it doesn't appear to bother him that much, he doesn't itch it or anything. So yesterday the kindy teacher came to talk to me about it, I hate it when they come up to me with a look on their face like someone has died...

SENSEI: (Who is hard to take seriously because is wearing pigtails, socks with little faces on the toes and an over sized pink apron) Hmmmm Ash's face is pretty bad today...

ME: Yeah, it is quite bad today. He has quite sensitive skin, I do as well and especially when I was a kid...

SENSEI: OHHHHHH, I see, yeah well you are so white, and white people are so weak...

ME: Errr, yes, the whiteness possibly has something to do with it, as opposed to your bright yellow skin...?

OK I didn't say the last bit, but had I had the balls and if humour was an excepted thing to use in this country I would have.
The direct translation of 'yowai' and 'shiroi' is pretty bad, I know she didn't actually mean 'weak whitie' but with my brain doing direct translations I did have a little giggle.

So I said I'd go to the skin clinic today and stupidly, let MIL over hear me. I fucking hate the skin clinic, not only does the stupid twat of a doctor give me the same shitty cream with a 'baby pooh' sticker on it, (ironic seeing as real baby poo has a high probability of being smeared on a bodily surface if we aren't careful) but that fucking clinic usually has at least a two-hour wait, and that's if you're re-dialling the phone every minute from 6am. So I decided if the wait wasn't too long, I'd go first thing, but if not I'd piss off for breakky with Ash seeing as though Daddy was out surfing.
So I called the reservation number at 8am, an hour and a half before opening and the wait was already 109 minutes so I wouldn't have been getting there until about 11 and in this bastard heat that just wasn't an option. So I got the Aussie steroid cream out and put some of that on him. MIL came shuffling over telling me that I obviously hadn't understood the phone call properly and she would do it, so she did and she got exactly the same result (wooo one for the gaijin!!) but said I should go anyway as Saturday was the only time Ash could go. I told her that I wasn't going to the clinic I was going out with Ash and that Japanese medicine doesn't fucking work anyway so thanks for her concern but he'll be fine. She gave disapproving mumbles and probably still was as we were tucking into our morning sets. Fuck her, no doubt Ryota will get a full 'naughty gaijin report' tonight though, let's see if he DARES say anything, I doubt it.

OK, must work!!!!


  1. In light of that I'm glad we had a relatively easy time of it at the skin clinic here on Thursday - arrived at half eight, out the door (of the chemist next-door with oral meeds AND two lots of cream) at 9:45.

    Am sure your Aussie steroid cream will clear things up - or at least get MIL off your back.

  2. I'm free Monday if you want me to take Ash for you before or after his check thingy.

  3. Ugh Sensei what a loser. Just because their (Japanese) skin is hardened after overdoing the sun and never using sun lotion in the first 16 years of life, and then completely hiding their skin from the sun from the next 70 years of life, does not mean we are weak and white.
    Im weak and RED. So take that sensei.

    Kiddo is prone to rashes too, and I have yet to find anything that works. It does not matter how many times a day I change clothes, or wipe her with a warm towel, she still gets a rash from being sweaty. Just give her some cream. Make her feel like teacher is doing something and she will shut up. Same for MIL. And anyone else who asks.

  4. People take their kids to a skin clinic for rashes?

  5. Joey is prone to rashes as well, has been since he was little. Like you I have quite sensitive skin so it isn't that surprising. Can't believe the "weak whitie" thing, what a load of bollocks. :-( That sensei is lucky you didn't punch her!

    That said, I was looking at Joey at the weekend and that child is BROWN from being out in the sun for playtimes at school. I am quite envious of his colouring actually but you can guarantee that if he was in Japan they would be going on about how he was too "kuroi".. you just can't win! ;-)