Monday 19 July 2010

Breaking promises

Ok, I did promises nice camera beach piccies for today but I forgot the camera so they will have to keep for another day. In the meantime, let's just settle for words.

As much fun as the beach was yesterday, it was also extremely exhausting. We went to the same beach two years ago, when I was 5 months preggers and I can safely say it was a million times easier with the mini human INSIDE my belly. Ash is still a little bugger and into everything. (From what I know that 'still' continues until he leaves home...) But I shouldn't complain too much, he wasn't that bad for me yesterday and seemed to really like the water despite his obsession with princess P's floaty ring thingy which he just would not let go of and cried if anyone took it away. Little weirdo.

I didn't do too badly in the sunburn department, thought I was going to be a lobster today but I only got a really bad (uneven) burn where my swimmers rode down on my back. My shoulders and face were actually fine for once! But I guess I was pretty paranoid and kept putting suncream on like, every 10 minutes. Ash also escaped with no sunburn, but I'm not surprised since I was lathering him up every 5 minutes or so. Only problem was, I couldn't be arsed looking for the baby suncream towards the end of the day and just put my suncream on him. Had no idea it was 'whitening' suncream and he ended up looking like a little clown, we couldn't get it off him at bath time either, he still has some streaky white lines today!

I felt like Sassymoo, the haalfu offspring, and I were being stared at more than usual, but I guess that's what you get for driving through the country for 3 hours to get to a beach. I guess because there were so many people there it didn't feel like the iinaka but it really was.
The family who were next to us in the beach hut were having good old stares at our lot all day and at one point I heard one of them say "This is a rabbit!!" in a really loud voice.... Twats.

I'm always baffled by this phenomenon, people who don't have the balls to actually come and talk to you but will spit out some random English phrase within your earshot... I usually just smile while thinking 'fuck off you dickhead' or look down and nervously laugh, but I'm not sure what reaction they're looking for? If it's a kid I usually just say hello, or "Harroo" but when it's an adult it can get quite awkward. Maybe next time I should just bark something random at them in Japanese and see what they do...How's あのサルの金玉は大きいな!!(That monkey has huge balls!!)Or something equally as baffling?

Public holiday today, which means Ash and Ryota are at home annoying the shit out of me (Ryota more than Ash). Prime example of the Japanese mummy's boy today, I had to teach a lesson at 9, then I came back home and was going to organise the housey shite but Ryota had taken upon himself to do the washing for me. I'm grateful for the nice thought, but seriously, bugger off out of my area. It's like me following him to work and telling him how to do his job. If I'd asked him to do it, it would have been fine, but I specifically told him not to, why doesn't he just do the dishes or something!?
Anyway, after he did the washing I think he felt he had done his quota for the rest of the year, because he totally checked out and went in to 'MUST HAVE SURF BOARD!!!' mode. I told him to take Ash to Grandma's so I could do the washing-up and vacuuming, and when I went to tell them I was done, he wasn't even with Ash, he was upstairs searching for his board. I can't wait till we actually just have the fucking board and it will be over with!!! I know that while I'm working till 6 tonight Ash will see Ryota for about 5 minutes if he's lucky, and poor little Ash loves him so much. *sigh* And so is the Japanese man who can dump his child and/or all responsibilities with his mother/grandmother/sister for extended periods of time and not get called out on it.

OK, must go teach! Save any more mummy's boy ranting for another time!

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  1. sigh - tis what happens when the in-laws live next door. I agree, sounds like hub will be easier to live with at the moment when he can sleep with his new board and spend all day waxing it or showing Ash how to stand on it or whatever it is people do with surf boards before they go surfing with them.