Saturday 3 July 2010

Muuuuuuch calmer

Happy to say there was no fighting, wanking or general mayhem last night, thank god!

Although I did have a bit of a blubber in bed as was still stung by 'the list' incident. Ryota was still being a bit of an arsehole which didn't help and I had one of those moments all us gaijin wives have when we contemplate throwing a few boxes of udon soup and some undies in our suitcase and shipping back home. The thought did cross my mind, but after a good sob into the futon I felt better. Unfortunately Ryota heard me crying and that pissed him off even more (he HATES criers) and I ended up hating him even more for it. So we went to bed angry and I was sure it would continue on into this morning but it actually didn't, Ryota has been super nice to me all day and even made us pancakes this morning! What the fuck is with that, maybe his period is due and he was p-man-m-s-ing. Who knows.

Nothing else much is happening... How boring. We braved a trip to the local aeon mall this morning for some stupid reason, bought Ash a little trike thingy (you'll be jealous Sassymoo! hehehe) it's awesome! Bright red and with racing cars that go round on the front and big noises and lights, but most importantly, a long-arse handle made for those of us who aren't midgets, meaning I can push him around without looking like I have rice picking humpy back.

OK, got to go do some work, feel free to not comment on this post, it's not worthy! But I have work to do for Harry Potter's imminent arrival. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. You do realise that princess P is going to promptly steal it as soon as she sees it....

  2. You would not believe how much of that first paragraph I could write right now - and am about to.

    I wasn't packing udon though I was packing Ryu, and only Ryu :)