Thursday 8 July 2010

The rules of tea mixing

But before we get on to the tea rules, a report on last night's anniversary festivities. Was pretty tame actually, we weren't even going to do anything but with an available babysitter, my lack of desire to cook anything and the thought of ice cold beer, we toddled off to all you can eat yakiniku for a few hours. We also fucked the idea of presents for each other off and decided we'd go shopping on the weekend and just buy us some good shit we want. Much better than guessing, getting it wrong, then pretending to like it. Piccies piccies...

Ryota is soooo is the way of the shot of my beautiful beer...

Beefy, beery goodness!

The menu was like a karaoke song ordering screen thingy! How good is that! Although makes you eat far too much. Ryota was saying "Why didn't you tell me there was going to be photos, I didn't do my hair!!" when I took this one.


We did consider a photo together but after my third beer I still had the wits about me to think that leaning across a bastard hot grill for that perfect shot was going to end up in some kind of fiery disaster, besides, you've seen enough of my ugly mug!

And now, on to the rules of tea mixing. Got a good telling off from Grandma this morning, Ryota usually takes a big arse bottle of aquarius to work with him but for some reason he decided he wanted tea today. Now instead of telling me, the person who organises this kind of shit, he decided to tell him Grandma. Why? Because he's a Japanese guy, and all Japanese dudes (read pussy mummy's boys) can have any problem solved by Mummy or Granny.

So Ryota was getting ready and Grandma informs me she'll go fill up a bottle with some tea for Ryota, but I actually wanted to use the piddly bit of tea that was left in our fridge to make room for the big arse watermelon that we couldn't say no to. So I said I'd fill the bottle up but I'd probably need a bit extra to fill it to the top.
So filled the bottle, and it made it to about three-quarters full, then went over to Grandmas to fill the rest up with her tea. And she almost dropped the plates she was holding when she saw me filling the bottle up, she was all, "What the fuck gaijin!!!?? What kind of tea is that??" (She actually sniffed the bottle, like she would be able to tell) I replied I had no idea, but tea is tea, all the flavours would mix in together and Ryota wouldn't know the difference anyway.
She then mumbled about tea mixing being a punishable offence and shuffled away in exasperation.

Bite me Grandma, seriously, I wasn't mixing milk and juice, it was all in the tea family!

Going to Ash's kindy festival tonight, I'm sure all the kindy mums will ignore me which will make for good pissed off post tomorrow.

P.S. It's too fucking hot!


  1. I mix Shun`s tea all the time. He never said anything.

    Grandma doesn`t know what she is talking about.

    Cute pictures. I wish Shun would get new glasses. He wears his contacts all the time unless we are home all day but his glasses are from 10 years ago, and about 4 different prescriptions ago (so he can`t really see out of them) and they are scratched and gross. I like Ryota`s ones! Does he wear contacts for work? Or does he just wear glasses?

  2. Happy anniversary.
    Hope the hoikuen matsuri went well too and that the mums were friendly and welcoming. I have one next Friday too.

  3. happy anniversary!!!

    I think the grannma is talking shit again. She has been talking shit on many of your posts... about rice being left white (bullshit, see meat doria or tai-rice) teriyaki fish (duh) and this too. He will have your tea and like it, and probably not have known otherwise if she hadn't said anything. I say put something to chill her out a bit in her tea... mwaahahaha!

    And milk and fruit juice (GAG) are a perfectly acceptable combination too (double gag.) My personal idiot brought home a carton of "fruit Au - lait" the other week ... I nearly vomited in my mouth.

    Anyways you are right, as usual. We need to have a gaijin girls get together at your house and we can all do crazy gaijin things together (like mix tea and put our futons out at 10 at night and drinking beer at 10 in the morning) to make her think that you are normal compared to the rest of us ... fuzzy logic but it might just work!

    Hope you are well miss corinne :D