Thursday 1 July 2010

Day 1

of many starts here. Fuck me, better think of a better title for every other day!

As far as wives go in Japan, foreign or 'real' I think I have it very easy in the 'hubby coming home late' game. I hear horror stories of husbands getting home 11, 12, even 1am for some people. I have two questions, 1) How are their wives not going absolutely mental/ not having an affair with the postman. And 2) What exactly are they doing at work?! Are they really putting in 16 hours of solid work??
It's a bit beyond me, possibly because of my English/ Aussie heritage, where knocking off is the most anticipated moment of our day with the cold beer we drink after being the next. So I don't really get the whole 'ridiculous work hours' thing.

Now drinking parties, I get. That's way more like it. Of course, husbands going to drinking parties without wifey who is stuck at home wiping shitty arses and scrubbing dishes from the dinner she cooked and ate alone.... I don't get. And as I said, I've been incredibly lucky with Ryota, he works a job where you clock off at the same time every day which means he's always home at 5:49pm on the dot and has never gone to a drinking party. Ever!

Until last night. I was working till 7 and got a text at about 6:45 saying this, and this is word for word:
"hey sweetie! I'm sorry I'm sorry going to drink tonite maybe 1 or 2 hour back to home talk to you latter sorry!!! love you! Sorry! xoxoxo"
I believe there are 4 sorries in that wee little text message! I got a shock to say the least, he's always saying how "mendokusai" work drinking parties are, but I was quite pleased (apart from the fact that I had to finish work, get all the end of month paperwork done with small child destroying the school, bathe said small monster-like child and find time to feed myself in between all that and do the bed routine by myself). But really, he NEVER goes out, so I wasn't pissed at all, and I should mention that whenever I want to get on the lash with Sassymoo, Ryota is always more than accomodating!
So he said a few hours, but it got round to 11:30 and my ageing, unevenly wobbly body just couldn't stay up, so I crashed, revelling in the fact that for the first night ever I could dump Ash on Ryota's futon and I could actually spread eagle sleep the way I like! I went off to dreamy land for about 15 minutes but was woken up by Ryota's somewhat noisy return. Don't know how pissed he was but he had the J-boy tomato face glow going on so must have been pretty sozzled. He also felt the need to tell me all about his night, which turned out was shit anyway! They went to a standing bar for a start! Hmmm who wants to work all day then go to a bar where you can't even sit down!? Obviously his boss, the cheap bastard who paid for them all! He said it wasn't fun at all, just poker face and polite chatter until all the old dudes got way too pissed and started lecturing the younger guys.
Now up until this point I wasn't pissed at him for going out at all, but after I heard he hadn't even had fun I got kinda angry, damn it he should have fun or stay at home and help me!! Selfish cow I am and all...
Anyway, I really don't mind the going out after work thing, less mess for me to clean up at home, but hoping it won't be every night with full bitching commentary to follow.
Just read this post over and realised that it has no point at all but that's what we get for being ambitious and posting everyday, let's hope someone comes and whips their cock out this arvy so I've got some interesting blog material tomorrow, fingers crossed!


  1. while rants are interesting, regular old posts are good, too. back when i did blog 365 some days i couldn't muster more than a picture of tommy sleeping blissfully on the futon! you're very lucky your husband comes home early. yoshi hasn't come home early (five-ish) since we lived in shimane. of course, he had to be at work by 4:30 am, so....

  2. PS. i love your new template!

  3. Ohhhhhh, you said 'get on the lash with Sassymoo' and now I really really want to!!!!!!!

  4. me too - get on the lash. Hub goes on about the drinking things and how he 'has to make an appearance' and then how not fun they are. Fuuuuuuuucks me off. Don't understand. You are avoiding the kiddy bath and bedtime mayhem, getting a dinner cooked by somebody who probably likes cooking and gives a shit, and getting some of that cold stuff in a cold glass.

  5. I know a few guys who work in IT in Japan and basically you can't leave the office until the boss does so it turns into some pissing contest of who can stay the longest. But they are not being productive, just reading the paper or surfing the net. Or inventing out of office meetings so they can piss off down the pachinko parlour! Personally don't get it - surely someone who can do their work by 5 is better than someone who take until 10 to get it done.

  6. Uggggh I would kill to work for a company and have an excuse to go drinking just because my boss says I have to...

    I am one of the unlucky ones Im afraid... as you know hubby works like 9 am until usually around 12 on a good night, 2 on a bad... and thats not entirely full work. He takes a nap from 4-6.

    I am also one of the ones who is seriously considering having a postman affair... If I could get a postman to come inside, I would probably be feeling his letters instead of catching up on unread blogs.

    Anyways, yea you are lucky. But at the same time I don't know what I would do if my hubby was around all the time. Probably kill him.

    I also love the new template though! Its pretty!! :D