Saturday 17 July 2010

Rough day fall out...

I won't say a lot, because I'm just so fucked from the all the hormonally fuelled, emotional shitty crap that has been going on in the last 48 hours!

Who knew I could be so stereotypically girly!

So after my crappy day yesterday, Ryota lived up to his reputation for being a selfish arsehole and despite noticing me limping after the naked fall, hit me with, "didyoucallaboutthesurfboard?!whydidn'tyoucall?!Yousaidyou'dcaaaaaallllllll!!!!" in a tone of voice resembling a small child who wants a choccie at the check out line. Fuck me I was pissed off. Had a busy, crappy day and the last thing I needed was him going on about that fucking surf board one more time. I explained about the calling situation and fibbed and said I got through in the end but the girl there didn't know, which isn't totally a lie, I got the answering machine... But he was so giving me the treatment like I didn't try at all. I finally just got very huffy and ended up in tears as I always do. We ignored each other until I saw him getting his wetsuit ready when he informed me he was going surfing in the morning (today). This got me even more huffy because 1) He leaves at 4am which means he will be tired and more grumpy than usual the rest of the day. 2) He won't get home until after lunch, which is when we were supposed to be going shopping for me for a new *shudder* swimsuit. I cried more, he ignored more. We went to bed. I snivelled and cried into the pillow for another hour or so until he finally said "You should cry until the morning." Of course this had me howling more, for no particular reason, it wasn't that mean actually.... But anyway, I went downstairs and had a few swigs of umeshu and sake in the hope of it knocking me out enough to sleep but it was a no-go. I had visions of cutting his surfboard in two and then chuffing off to the airport and never looking back going through my head keeping me awake.
Anyway, long, teary story short, we made up. He said sorry (for once!) and we cuddled.

Now I'm not sure why I've been so emotional lately but the swimsuit issue may have something to do with it. Like most? all? women, I get nervous about wearing a swimsuit in public. Especially in Japan where every fucker is staring at my tits anyway, but when they're distracted by my lopsided cellulite laden thighs, well, makes it a bit daunting. If I was home at least there'd be other fatties there, but in the land of "OH my god I'm over 45kgs! I'm so fat!!" (direct quote from alien SIL) well, it makes it a bit harder.

Sassymoo and co and our lot are off to the beach tomorrow, hence the swimsuit buying, so I'm really looking forward to it, and I actually did manage to find some swimmers I like, that came with boardies to cover the tumor-like squidgy bits. yay! I also found a nice denim skirt which was good. I ended up going to smile land, I have no idea why it's called that, if you're shopping at smile land there ain't much reason to smile, but it beat Jusco where I looked earlier, all they had was frilly gross stuff that fit, or perfect, cute stuff that didn't and made me cry! (yes I actually welled up in Jusco and vowed to not eat for the next three weeks or so.) Anyway, sure we will take lots of ridiculously cute beach piccies tomorrow and share them with you.

And now, here are the after pics from my fall, the bruise is still coming out, just in time for the beach. Lovely.

Happy long weekend J-peeps!


  1. Have fun at the beach!!!!!!
    Hope its not too crowded - hope your bruise heals up soon, ouch!

  2. Ouch, it looks like a giant sakura (girl from kinder who kept biting Marina) had a good chomp at your leg!!

    Have a great beach day and well done hub for apologizing - he needed to.

  3. 45 kgs isn't even a weight a human should be. It's like a pet or something. Hope the bruise heals soon.

  4. That's a purple stamp if ever I saw one :P Since I have yet to bare flesh in Japan (onsen/beach) i wonder what the 'normal' get up is... top and bottom? According to my man it's a bikini/boardshort combo?

  5. Jesus christ ... thats a really bad one... is it really painful?

    I once heard this trick to remove painful bruises and bring them out faster, and It works, It really really works, but It hurts like fuck for a minute or so..

    Here it is ... If you have a bruise, and you rub it really hard for 20 seconds or so, It will feel an awful lot better tomorrow. You have to do it HARD though, not just stroke it .... but I promise It will work.

    Give it a go and you can thank me tomorrow :D

    Hope you have a great time at the beach tomorrow! I wish I could come too but Im stuck with grumpy husband who cant go and play at the river this week because of the heavy rain.. boooo!! :D

  6. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!

    Glad Hub apologized. He really was being an a-class prick. *sigh* men...

    Swimsuit shopping is certainly a stressful thing. I hate it so much I've not bought one it in two years, and I live by the beach and love the water! Sarongs are your friend!

    Have fun!