Tuesday 6 July 2010

The bastard hill and the bastard shrinking husband.

OK, here are the piccies of the bastard hill I have to go up and down twice a day, it really is my definition of hell...

This is the view from the top, you see how high it is by the view of our fair little city below!

Ash and I in sweaty heaven as I procrastinate the trek up the hill of death...

View from the bottom...

View from the bottom complete with chubby,halfuuu child head included...

And now on to the tale of the shrinking husband. I'll have to do a before- after type picture to see if you can tell the difference, but Ryo-chan is shrinking, he's lost 10kg since April (lucky bastard!!) and continues to lose weight. He claims it's because he's constantly running around (literally) at work, but I'm not convinced. He's also stopped taking rice for lunch and last night had a tiny little okonomiyaki while I chowed down on my second one complete with sausage and cheese topping. Does anyone else sniff a wiff of anorexia!?!?
I confronted him with this theory this morning and this is how our convo went:

Him: I don't need rice today, just tea.

Me: You're going to get skinnier, stop fucking dieting, it's making me look even worse than I already do!!!

Him: I'm sexy any time but I'm soooo popular when I'm skinny, you better watch out!! (squeezes my chubby bits)

Me: Fuck off! I'll divorce you if you're too skinny!

Him: I can't help it, I lost a kilo since yesterday! (big smug grin)

Me: You weigh yourself everyday?! You're flipping anorexic!

Him: No I'm not, you're just jealous! (more smug grins and chubby bits poking)

Me: Whatever byouki (sick) boy.

I guess it'll just take a while for me to get used to, he was really skinny in his old surfing days photos. I should use it as motivation, although I have been running everyday for the past two weeks, let's hope it pays off soon. Unfourtunately hope won't battle the marshmallow addiction that continues though, I have no idea what it's about but I feel compelled to play chubby bunny every single day.

The pure joy of racing car trikey goodness!


  1. lucky bastard. tell him if he gets too skinny people are going to start wondering whose Ash's daddy is :)

    Love Ash's McQueen bike. Awesome. Shou, and marina, and quite possibly the Ryu and the cat would be jealous.

  2. ROTFL chubby bunny!! i totally want to get together with you now and play chubby bunny!! (i got a big mouth, you know!)

    that is a bastard hill. DANG!

  3. God he sounds like my husband. This is the first time since we met that we actually weigh about the same amount because according to him he is "fat" and I currently weigh less than I did when I got pregnant despite eating crap all day (breastfeeding?)...

    Quitting smoking (at least while at home, sneaky bastards) has not helped Shun. Yet he is still a too skinny for a boy!

    Tell Ryota that if he doesn`t fatten up you will start putting lard in his tea!