Monday 30 May 2016

Well fuck

As usual, life got busy and I stopped blogging!

I have a half legitimate excuse though, I pushed out another human out my minge since my last post.

So three boys it is! A lifetime of fart jokes, balls, stinky feet, moodiness. Sweet!

So yeah, the last little vinegar arrow boy was born last September, he's my favourite. I'll have to delete this blog by the time the other two are tech savvy enough to search for that little tidbit but for now, he's my last little squishy favourite baby.

The middle devil child also got hit by a car in December. It was my fault. I still kind of get mental thinking about it so maybe writing about it will make it better somehow. That's my next goal, I'll need some valium or a tranquilizer dart or something to get through it but I'll try.

Ryota and I are OK. For now. Honestly since the accident I've been giving less and less of a fuck about anything and everything which I'm sure makes me a nightmare to live with but we're surviving. 8 years this summer, who'd have thought we'd get through divorce free!?