Wednesday 26 June 2013

Plodding along

I don't really hold grudges much, I tend to get pissed off and then just kind of forget about it, I'm much like a fish that way.
Ryota, yeah not so much, he has a bad memory (probably a good thing) but he really fucking holds onto things. So the spat we had with the in-laws about blowing off Bailey's birthday party is still going on because Ryota is ignoring MIL and dog-fucker. I just can't be arsed being pissed off, it takes way too much energy but Ryota is very determined to ignore them for at least 2 weeks...

In other news... July will be an exciting month for me, we're going to the Ritz-Carlton for dinner for our 5th anniversary which I'm so looking forward to! Apart from the fact that we haven't been out as a couple since our 1st anniversary I LOVE getting dressed up and going out for dinner somewhere fancy, there's just something nice about it for me. Also an added bonus is the fact that due to current dieting conditions I haven't had a decent meal in about 2 months. 10kgs lighter so happy, but the whole not eating thing can be quite dull!

July is also a month that we will be rolling in cash, I have a soccer announcing job for the match in Osaka between Cerezo and Manchester United, (I'm sure it will be on TV somewhere so look out for my mad announcing skills on July 26th!) which pays nicely, I'm working a summer school for a week which is also good cash, and Ryota gets his bonus! I think all this extra dosh will be going to the down payment for our new car so not that exciting, but we're also planning a trip to Hawaii in April so maybe I should just bite the bullet and start booking things there...

Dog-fucker gets her last pay check from me this week, Grandma was paying her (and me actually) out last night when we were talking about who would do the two different kindy pick ups when I was working and Grandma said "Don't be relying on dog-fucker, she has to get her arse out of the house and get a job!!" Dog-fucker sat at the computer browsing clothes to buy and snickered but I'm sure she is freaking out a bit that she'll have no money from next week. I however will be cheering at paying a fraction of the price for full time care, meaning I'll have a bit of spare time in the day when I'm not teaching, and I can't fucking wait. Will miss the littlen, but really I will love having my time back.

OK, I think that's all that is going on around here, I best go get some sugar and fat free caffeine to keep me going for the next 6 hours of lessons!

Thursday 20 June 2013

Sushi woes

Today is my little baby boy's first birthday! I don't want to rant on about how much I love him and all that bullshit, but he may find this blog 20 years later so I do have to just say that he is the light of my life and I love him so much it even makes me consider having another baby...
I generally don't like babies under 1, so I'm actually looking forward to everything from now on even more!

And it wouldn't be a special birthday without something totally and utterly shitting me off! So I took a few days off work, because, well I make my own school calender and why not take some time off for my son's birthday! I knew I'd need to be at least baking or buying a pressie and would need a bit of extra time. So I just have a few make up lessons this week, pure bliss.
So when it came to what we should do for Bailey's birthday, MIL and I were discussing that maybe if we were to have a house party (like we did for Ash and as we always do for birthdays) then maybe Saturday would be better when nobody has work the next day. Of course I have no work so I don't give a fuck, but any whinging from Ryota saved benefits me too so I agreed. I did think we'd have to do a little something on his actual birthday though, I can't just let it pass...

So anyway, it gets closer to the day, and Ryota says he doesn't really care if the party is on a Thursday or not, it won't exactly be vodka shots and lines of coke till the morning anyway. So I suggested that we just get sushi take away at home tonight. This also coincided with Junpei being given temporary passes out of hospital, tonight being one of the days he gets to come home for a while. I don't know why they don't just release him, but whatever, he'd been banging on about wanting to eat sushi, so I thought, perfect! Junpei wants to eat sushi, we need to have a sushi party, I'll make a cake that will be purely for photos because Ryota's cunting family won't eat cake that isn't strawberry cream boredom cake. Done!

And... Shot down. Junpei wants to go out to eat the sushi. The same exact sushi that would make everyones life easier by being eaten at home... I don't fucking understand it. So I thought, fuck you all then, if you don't want to see Bailey on his birthday we'll have a mini family party and then do the sushi on Saturday. Just us, they can go fuck themselves. Of course this brings up a whole new set of problems, Ash will definitely want to go with them tonight, and fair play to him, he doesn't get the polititcs of it, he just wants to eat sushi. I made it clear that I was not a happy gaijin and MIL came back with "But we agreed not to have his party on the Thursday!" But it's totally different in my mind, I had no idea they were going out I thought we'd all just be hanging around home.

Anyway, trying not to get too pissed off about it, I figure we'll have a mini party at home tonight and then get sushi on Saturday, if they want to join and eat sushi twice in 3 days then they can.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Things that are currently pissing me off.

*MIL's ex-ex- boyfriend, god he's a dick.

*Stay at home mothers who bitch and moan. I get it's hard, but try doing everything you do plus another job then have a moan wench.

*My headache.

*Basically not eating and staying the same weight for a week. So frustrating.

*Dog-fucker. (A constant given)

Think that's about it. Fuck this week in the arse, can't wait for next week when I have 5 days off!

Friday 7 June 2013


I've been trying to put some before after pics but the after pic always gets really stretched! Which is funny because it makes me look way fatter than before, but I just gave up, I'll put a before pic and then you'll just have to imagine 8kgs lighter! Fuck it, I'll just add the stretchy picture too...

 No the baby isn't a midget I am actually that fat!!
hehe Stretchy!
I really should have taken real before and after pictures but I never thought I'd be able to diet as well as I have.
In other news... Brother in law has had a tube permanently implanted inside him (somewhere?) to stop the blood clot travelling to his heart. He's also starting rehabilitation this week so hopefully will be up and about and not dying soon!
I have to apologise, I just found 4 comments that I hadn't approved, maybe I should turn the comment approve function off now my admirer has stopped leaving creepy comments... Anyway, if I miss a comment I'm so sorry, I get too much mail to my phone and totally miss comments sometimes, must get better at that.
Right, off to teach a lesson or two and then it's BBQing time this weekend! Rainy season my arse J-peeps, it rained for like one day!!
Happy weekend!

Tuesday 4 June 2013


*Ryota and I had an awful weekend. He told me I could go to my dance lesson that I used to go to, but then said "Hmmm I don't think you can go EVERY week though..." So I didn't go because there was no point going for one lesson when you have to pay by the month. I didn't even fight, I was just so disappointed and sad. I think he sensed it and felt guilty. It was horrible, I felt so... alone... out of control...?

*He's been super nice to me ever since, guilt has its benefits but I still would rather just be able to go to my fucking dance class.

*I have a chest cold, as in breathing is a difficulty and I sound like a tranny!

*Little bro got back to Japan only to get a blood clot on the plane and almost died again, he's now in the local hospital so finally things are looking better-ish.

*Work is busy, kicking my arse but busy is good and I'm finally finding a balance between work and house shit, getting better with time management.

*I've lost 7 kilos! Wooohoooo, minimal drugs too, just protein shakes instead of lunch and a diet supplement at night. I will be back to my thinner self by my 30th.

*Sometimes I like fighting with Ryota and being busy because I feel too bad to eat, hence the 7kgs...

*Excuse me while I go and cough up a lung or two...