Thursday 31 October 2013


October kicks my arse all over the place. It's long and it involves lots of work that goes into the school Halloween party, which despite all the effort and money spent, was well worth it and I actually managed to enjoy myself this year!

October seems to be a busy month in general for the school, lots of new students which is great, but just means between housework and kid raising I have very little time to myself. Although I say that, I've somehow managed a 4-day weekend starting from 11 tomorrow, partly by luck and partly because it's my 30th birthday so I took Saturday off. I have mixed feelings about turning 30, in some ways I'm looking forward to the next stage of my life, but I sometimes can't help feeling like I wasted the first half of my 20's getting drunk and collapsing on Izakaya floors, and the second half being pregnant and with kids! The realisation that I've spent ALL my 20's in Japan is kind of frightening too... Woah...

There has been very little to blog about, Ryota and I have been getting on well, almost too well, almost too well to the point I suspect him cheating or something, but I think as we get older we just learn how to piss each other off less, a good thing, I'm actually only just starting to kind of enjoy and appreciate being married. Bizarre, only took me 5 years... It could also be the fact that h bit the bullet and bought a truck to start his own business, which he knows won't happen if I don't support him for probably about a year. I've decided to stop with the fucking negativity, know if he fails then he can just get another job and I make enough money for us anyway, and that I should let him try because otherwise we'd always wonder what could have been. So he quits at the end of the year, that's also a scary/exciting new chapter to look forward to!

Everyone else is pretty much the same Ryota and I work, look after the kids, dog-fucker lounges around the house, MIL is still kinda crazy, and BIL is still the same old lazy shit but with a disability excuse and Grandma keeps on keeping on, never seems to get old and frail that woman!

So I'm hoping for more blogging time now that October is over, not promising anything but if something exciting happens I'll be sure to jot it down. I think I should write something about turning 30, maybe I'll do a break-down of my life so far in case I go senile and I want some kind of reminder of my life so far. I should get tanked before I write it, it will be may more interesting.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Dog fucker fireworks, part II

And they don't involve me, score!

Dog fucker and I are on basic terms now, as in we're not chatty, but we're not ignoring each other. This suits me, I'm good with fake harmony.

This week has been full of fireworks though, this time with the rare combo of dog fucker and little brother. Dog fucker has had a fight with basically all of us, big ones with Ryota, me and to a certain extent mother-in-law, but usually little brother stays out of it (probably because he's fighting for his life most the time, but still).

Back story, so it's been 6 months since little brother collapsed and was pretty much near death, so he went to the big hospital in Osaka for a check and assessment where the Doctor didn't mince words and pretty much told him although he was lucky to be alive, that he was pretty much fucked and due to his IQ being 59 (the norm is about 90 apparently) he was officially classed as mentally disabled. Now maybe I'm a bit too positive, but I was like "That's good news! It means you can get benefits if you can't work!" and I was serious, it would be great if he can have a normal life, but if he can't because he's genuinely disabled then at least he'll be entitled to something from the government. But he didn't see it like that and got quite depressed and... angry? with life in general. So everyone was kind of stepping on eggshells around him and being careful with what they said.

So Grandma's house is under reform, not professionally or anything, just new kitchen stuff and DIY jobs, Ryota replaced the roof vents and other little shit, then little brother and dog fucker, being the only able bodied ones who aren't working full time, were in charge of painting the kitchen. So apparently, little brother started getting things ready and was ordering dog fucker around in a very high and mighty manner (according to her but she's fucking mental, so who knows). It then escalated to him throwing a roll of masking tape at her, to her throwing a fry pan at him (crazy fucking bitch!) and him grabbing her and throwing her across the kitchen.

Fucking mental, the lot of them!

I'm inclined to not believe dog fucker, just because I don't like her, but her arm was covered in bruises which was a little worrying. She went to Ryota and asked him to talk to little brother but we think his anger at his own situation might be coming out in various ways and talking to him might not even do any good. I don't know though, I think that his IQ was the same as when before he collapsed, he's never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and I'm convinced he's no dumber than he was before! It's just there is a number put on it now! He's maybe a bit slower, as in physically, but that's about it to me...

Anyway, there is lots going on at the moment as in family fighting, but nothing really to do with me which makes for boring blog fodder. Ryota and I are... good?! No threats of divorce from me for at least the last few months and we're being very reasonable with each other, kinda freakin' me out! Work is busier than ever and I'm getting ready for my mammoth Halloween party, hopefully something blog worthy will happen soon though!