Thursday 31 October 2013


October kicks my arse all over the place. It's long and it involves lots of work that goes into the school Halloween party, which despite all the effort and money spent, was well worth it and I actually managed to enjoy myself this year!

October seems to be a busy month in general for the school, lots of new students which is great, but just means between housework and kid raising I have very little time to myself. Although I say that, I've somehow managed a 4-day weekend starting from 11 tomorrow, partly by luck and partly because it's my 30th birthday so I took Saturday off. I have mixed feelings about turning 30, in some ways I'm looking forward to the next stage of my life, but I sometimes can't help feeling like I wasted the first half of my 20's getting drunk and collapsing on Izakaya floors, and the second half being pregnant and with kids! The realisation that I've spent ALL my 20's in Japan is kind of frightening too... Woah...

There has been very little to blog about, Ryota and I have been getting on well, almost too well, almost too well to the point I suspect him cheating or something, but I think as we get older we just learn how to piss each other off less, a good thing, I'm actually only just starting to kind of enjoy and appreciate being married. Bizarre, only took me 5 years... It could also be the fact that h bit the bullet and bought a truck to start his own business, which he knows won't happen if I don't support him for probably about a year. I've decided to stop with the fucking negativity, know if he fails then he can just get another job and I make enough money for us anyway, and that I should let him try because otherwise we'd always wonder what could have been. So he quits at the end of the year, that's also a scary/exciting new chapter to look forward to!

Everyone else is pretty much the same Ryota and I work, look after the kids, dog-fucker lounges around the house, MIL is still kinda crazy, and BIL is still the same old lazy shit but with a disability excuse and Grandma keeps on keeping on, never seems to get old and frail that woman!

So I'm hoping for more blogging time now that October is over, not promising anything but if something exciting happens I'll be sure to jot it down. I think I should write something about turning 30, maybe I'll do a break-down of my life so far in case I go senile and I want some kind of reminder of my life so far. I should get tanked before I write it, it will be may more interesting.


  1. yay! happy birthday and enjoy the long weekend! and i'm glad to hear that all is going well! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, do something fun and get a chance to relax, get drunk or whatever you feel like! Glad to hear there is no blog worthy family shenanigans!

  3. Happy birthday! 30 is nothing nowadays. Life doesnt' even begin until... well when your kids leave home - that's freaken awesome.

  4. Happy Birthday! I like the second last paragraph most. ^^

    -Love from a delurker

  5. Objectively you know that you've over-achieved by 30, don't you?

    Look at Ryota's sister if you want to know what lounging about and wasting your 20s looks like.

    People who wasted their 20s end up hating their 20s for the rest of life. Who wants that? You end up referring to childhood rather than adulthood as your best time in life. And there's really no relation. It's terrible to see. Almost no one climbs out of that downspiral.

    White peeps in general spend their early 20s drunk. It's pointless sure, but you moved past. You're better positioned now than most Japanese are at this point in life. Relax.

  6. Also please stop stop prepapproving comments, I was the only person defacing your blog and, as you see, I do not any longer.

  7. You found a good job,,got married with children and all this by the time you are not even 30 years old.
    I'm 28 years old, unemployed and still live with my parents. Heck, I don't even have a boyfriend and I'm still a freaking virgin.
    You have achieved a lot more than me in your 20's. It's enviable.
    But hey, all is not bad. A least I got a degree and have worked for a while.

  8. I'm with Anon here. You have achieved so much! I'm a bit jealous. ;-)
    I wanna be married with children, too. But until 30... well, to manage that I'd have to do it all in a rush. Heh. Wasn't that what you did?

    I think you should tell the story of your marriage. Maybe on here, maybe to friends. It's an encouragement to everybody that hardships in marriage can be overcome.
    You've done so well. :-) *hugs you*