Thursday 30 July 2009

"To all my people who ain't got no work, everyday is friiidddaaayyyyy"

Love that soundtrack, will have to drag it out again and be all gangsta.

Once again Friday has rolled around incredibly quickly. I've been in somewhat of a funk this week, slacking on bento duties and generally just feeling tired, not sure why but I'm guessing it's been all the shite, cloudy weather, I can definitely handle summer more when it's sunny, even if it is bastard, sweat-your-tits-off hot. Feeling a bit more chipper today due to Mr. Sunshine showing his arse for once.

Haven't been too snap happy this week mainly due to fore mentioned shite weather but still managed to scrape up a few good shots.

Getting nervous about my driving mission tomorrow, wish me luck! I'll take pics of the awesome ice cream.

Awww, look! A cute little edible bunny.... WHO HAS BEEN SHOT IN THE EYE AND IS BLEEDING PROFUSELY!!! RUN AWAY CHILDREN!!!!

My lil terrorist... "The bomb's behind me people..."

That's one sizeable arse. Reminds me of a watermelon...

Pinched this recipe for stuffed piiman from Sarah and it was scrumdidiliumptious.

Nice to see we still have our inner children. God we're dickfrits, and ugly ones at that! (Is my mum the only person who uses the word dickfrit?? Yup, good. Just checking.)

Happy weekendin'

Wednesday 29 July 2009


First of all, a big congratulations to the 'Niigata nimpu,' (thanks gaijin wife's hubby!) Sarah on finally giving birth to her little girl Sakura, we were all eagerly waiting!

I cannot wait to start working again, this get up, wash, feed, play, cook, sleep routine is getting old quickly and it will be nice when I start working, Ryota won't have to work on Saturdays poor thing.

Things have been much too quiet for my liking lately, there's nothing really to look forward to, although I am embarking on a girl's day field trip this weekend in the car. I'm picking up the girls and we're off to Nishinomiya gardens for some shopping and lunch (and cold stone ice cream, singing woohoo!) I'm a bit nervous about driving on a Saturday, especially in Ryota's whale of a car. Ganbaru!

My little Ash is 6 months old today, half a year! Go team! It's gone quickly in a way but in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago that I was in Aussie giving birth, and even longer when I found out I was preggers. I should count my blessings really, life is boring at the moment but at least there are no shocks like that one was!

I'd known Ryota less than 2 months when I found out I was pregnant, crazy! I remember being in Starbucks with him one day and thinking it had been a while since I'd had a visit from auntie Flow, thinking out loud (in English seeing as though I thought the Starbucks customers might not appreciate that kind of information with their cherry chocolate latte) Ryota gave me a big hug and said he didn't care if I was pregnant, he'd love to have a baby. I stored that away in the memory bank for the time when I told him I actually was preggers!

When I took the test I thought I was reading the kanji wrong and asked him to read it for me and he was like "Errm, no, your kanji reading is spot on..." Much freaking out later we just decided to deal and make the best of it, and we have!

I'm currently addicted to toasted sandwiches, sounds healthy doesn't it, toasted? But I'm talking put in a frying pan with oil and butter until the cheese is all melty and the bread is all crispy, yummy! I dread to think of the calorie content. Must rodeo boy extra hard today. Rodeo boy is still keeping my interest surprisingly, (probably because I'm so bored with everything else!) but I've lost weight on my upper legs not my tummy, who cares, I've lost somewhere, that's all that matters!

The in-laws haven't been pissing me off too much recently either, there was a slight incident this morning, I went to the post office loaded up with packages for my sister's birthday and two friends who wanted happy town and hi-chus to send off. As I was leaving this was the convo I had with MIL:

MIL: Where are you going with those?!
Me: The post office.
MIL: Do you know how to send them?
Me: Yes, I'll be fine, thank you. BAI BAI!

If I had any balls this is how the convo would have gone:

MIL: Where are you going with those?
Me: To the moon you twit, where do you think I'm going with 3 post boxes with big posting things stuck to them??
MIL: Do you know how to send them? (You dense gaijin)
Me: How fucking long do you think I've lived in this country? I'm not a moron, and I'm more than capable of sending a box to Australia, stop fucking asking me if I can do things like I'm 5 fucking years old! If I need your help I'm not mute either, I'll ask. BAI BAI!

She's just being nice but it really does make me feel like an idiot when she does it. Whatever, if that's the biggest problem I have I'm doing good right.

Hoping this week goes fast, looking forward to the ice cream and 3 clucky 30-something-year-old women to take Ashton while I shop my little heart out!

Monday 27 July 2009

Sunday catch up lunch

I feel bad with Ryota only having Sunday off work, I always seem to drag him to some event I have or some crazy shopping expedition.

Yesterday was a lunch for some of my old students and friends, two of them are getting married so it was a 'well done, congrats, here's my 2000 yen to chuck in for the prezzie' kind of thing. The last time I saw them I just had a belly, so they were all chuffed to meet little Ash and one of the girls had a baby a month before me so I wanted to see who was cuter (Ash won by a mile hehe) just kidding. But not really... You be the judge, I'll put photos.

He did win in the growing stakes though, he is about 4 kilos heavier and much bigger than little Kouta kun and would definitely win in a fight, he proved that when he almost yanked the kid's ears off when he could get close enough. I had my first real motherly pride yesterday though, Kouta was screaming and carrying on (like Ash usually does) while Ash looked on in bemused wonder and smiled at everyone with his goofy, gummy grin. He didn't cry once and had no trouble being held by everyone. *sniff* Love it when my baby isn't being the little shit, it almost makes me slip back into my high and mighty role of muttering annoyed customer mumbling 'Can't she shut that kid up?'

I've always wanted my kids to be able to be passed around and not just want their mummy and daddy and I'm glad Ryota is on the same page, yesterday we sat in a Japanese style private room so stroller couldn't get it, Ryota was like "Soo.... who wants to hold the cute jumbo gaijin baby?!" translation- Don't just say he's cute, put that theory into action people, let's pass the little bastard around the table so we have time to eat! Ash was passed around the whole table and loved it, definitely going to dump him with anyone who is willing from now on.

It was good fun, my witty Japanese conversation skills flourished and it became apparent how much my ex-students have forgotten any of the English I had taught them. Ryota had basically never met anyone there so he was also impressed with my usually shy personality morphing into an entertainer that could have been straight out of a Gion tea house. I think I'm so sick of talking to the vacuum cleaner and washing machine that real people was a big treat.

Enough rabbiting, here are some photos from the day...

First meeting, just before the ear pulling began...


Pass the baby! (If you unwrap him you get a stinky surprise!)

One of Kouta-kun's many awesomely not-my-baby, loud hissy fits.

Now this is just fucking freaky....

P.S. I'm so fucked off with all this rain, what is a housewife with husband's work clothes to do!?

Friday 24 July 2009

Five Foto Friday!

Man is it Friday?? This week went fast, probably becasue of the holiday on Monday. I had all the housework done and had been for a run by 11am this morning, quite impressive I feel, although I'm a bit tired now might have to have a power nap.
On to this week's photos! I couldn't snap the monkeys becasue I had my boobs out when we saw them (we were driving) and SIL panicked and couldn't get a good shot. :(
Our local little temple lookin all ghosty.
Spider web.
I was really far away but I just know Ryota was saying something stupid and SIL is telling him to bugger off.
Mino falls in the background.
I have a freaky long tongue while Ryota has a freaky short one, at least my DNA is coming out in him somewhere!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 22 July 2009

The B Bomb...

So making chit-chat the other night and Ryota drops the B bomb, or should I say second B bomb. Yup, he said "I wouldn't mind another baby now..."

YOU wouldn't mind another baby right now?? Mate, you're not the one with popping out scars who changes 58 million nappies a day and wakes up 5 times a night and deals with vomit and screaming and teeth and sore nipples and boobs so big you can't run without a load of duct tape and is still scarred mentally from the twenty-fucking-seven hours of hell and who needs to rodeo boy 5 hours a day to have a hope in hell of shifting the baby tummy!!! *breathes into a paper bag*

OK so I'm being a tad dramatic but seriously, I want Ash out of nappies before I think about another one, I can't imagine balancing two of the little squirmers at once!

I also want to enjoy Ash before I have to divide my attention. Saying that though, my sister and I are 5 years apart and it's just too far. Doesn't matter now we're older but when I was 10 and she was 15 it was like we were worlds apart. I think two or three years is a pretty good gap.

3 advantages of having another baby now~

1) I'm still fat from Ash, I may as well go all out then try to lose weight after both babies.

2) I do miss the tiny, fits-in-your-palm kind of baby.

3) I'm living so close to the in-laws they would be a big help.

3 advantages of having another baby later~

1) Ash will be old enough to understand the concept of having a little brother or sister.

2) My body will be fully recovered.

3) I can work for another year or so and we can save some money.

I'm itching to work again, we're enquiring about an office space near our house today so I might be able to start teaching English to the locals, we're also thinking of making it a nail salon/English school, (SIL is a nailist) mummy gets her nails did while kiddy learns how to say "apple," good deal don't you think?? The space used to be a 7 11 so it's pretty big which I'm guessing means pretty expensive, I hope not though, I would so love to get my teeth into something like a new business.

On an unrelated note, Isn't this the lamest piece of graffiti you've ever seen??

I'm not a fan of any graffiti but at least if it's one of those crazy mural type ones there is some artistic skill involved. I think this is very typical Japanese punk wannabe bad boy graffiti, I mean, for a start, it says "Itami No 1" oh yeh, you're a hard one you are, go Itami! And then the stupid little twat signed his name!? I salute your stupidity Yamaguchi-kun, it amused me no end.

Sunday 19 July 2009

This weekend officially blows

So our great beach weekend was..... cancelled!
Fuck it I was so looking forward to swimming and getting out of the house for a bit. Long story short there was a family argument of some kind involving Ryota's mum and boyfriend (who's house is at the beach) and first of all we were leaving early, then late, then staying 2 nights, then just the day then it was all cocked up and cancelled.

10 things that blow about this weekend~ (Written Sunday)

1) No beach
2) Raining
3) Had a fight with Ryota over something so stupid I can't remember what it was.
4) We not only didn't go to the beach, we didn't do anything at all.
5) Had to sit for 3 hours talking to the tooth fairy.
6) Ryota slept for 3 hours in the day leaving me to look after Ashton and do all the housework then cooked him dinner. Arsehole! (Still slightly fighting if you couldn't tell...)
7) Didn't eat dinner due to fight protest but now bastard hungry and no food in the house.
8) Having post-birth issues STILL!
9) Ryota lifted Ashton up and smacked his head (hard) on the low beam becasue our house was made for fucking midgets.
10) I ripped my finger open on our new kakigori machine and it stings like a bitch!

Ok I should explain a few...Went to the turtle and tooth fairy's house to kill some time and Ryota ended up helping his Dad fixing something in the garage so I was left with the tooth fairy and of course Ash fell asleep right when I didn't want him to. So I had to make chit-chat and the woman is fucking painful pardon my french. There's a rumour she used to work in a snack bar and that's where they met but I don't see how that is possible, her conversation skills are rubbish, in the end I was so desperate I just started washing up the dishes in the sink!

Won't go too far into the post-birth issues becasue I know there are a couple of people who may read this giving birth in the near future, but let's just say the war wounds popped out and I was freaking out, I should probably go to the Doc, with all the country swapping I never actually got examined after pushing that huge peach head out.

10 reasons why this weekend didn't blow that bad~ (Written Monday...)

1) I was riding the crimson wave so beach probably wasn't that good of an idea anyway.
2) After my tiff hunger strike Ryota went out and got me the best takoyaki ever and I swallowed my pride right along with it!
3) There was a massive thunder storm (it was great but the thunder was so loud the house was shaking which was pretty scary!)
4) We ended up going to Mino falls which was very pretty and we even saw some monkeys!
5) We're making new plans to go to the beach.
6) I finally had time to make a photography portfolio.
7) Did I mention we saw monkeys!?!
8) Have eaten so much home made kakigori I'll be on a sugar high until Christmas.
9) Got to take some amazing photos, going to be hard to choose 5 good ones.
10) And with the fighting, comes the great making-up.

So it didn't turn out to be all bad, I was well pissed off to begin with but gotta make the best out of a no beach situation I guess!
Amazing how much an attitude can change in a day though...

Thursday 16 July 2009

Five Foto Friday!

See what I did there, with the spelling and the phonetics... and who said your brain turns to mush when you have a baby! hehe

Just because I'm lazy and can't be arsed writing anything, Friday shall now be photo day. Taking photos is also so much more of a joy now I have the crazy good camera, although I don't trust myself taking a $1600 camera to drinking events so they will still be captured on my far inferior digi camera!

Speaking of which, I went to my good friend's sayonara party last weekend and it was really fun. It was our first night attempting to leave Ash for the whole night (so I could drink a fair whack of beer!!!) and he did actually sleep through. We got home at about 2:30am and were absolutely buggered but figured we're 25 and 27, way too young to be tucked up in bed by 10pm every night!
I say got home, more like stumbled home, and then I literally fell asleep while pumping my boobs so Ashton wouldn't be drinking beer-milk for brekkie. Ryota was sloshed after his 3 rum and cokes as usual and it was great to catch up with baby-free people, not one conversation about children all night I don't think! (Apart from the blatant keitai flashes showing off Ashton of course.)

Hang on, I wasn't going to write anything... Ok, here are my 5 best photos from this week!

Obaachan's prize rose

Weird sky...

Very close-up Ash

Ryota among the Osaka crowds.

Us about to leave for the sayonara. Ryota said I look like Michael Jackson and I have to agree, I was actually breathing in to try and make myself look thinner.... hehe

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Kawaisou Grandma, Kawaisou....

I love and hate 'kawaisou' in Japanese, I'm going to say it's 'Too bad' in English but it just seems so much more useful in Japanese. And as useful as I find it, it annoys the shit out of me when it is used referring to Ashton. Slight Japan/ in-law rant is in order I think...

Now that Ash can move anywhere, not crawling yet but man that kid knows all the angles, turn, wriggle turn and he's in the kitchen with knives and chemicals and all that anti-baby stuff. I discovered this the hard way when I put him down in the living room and 5 minutes later heard a crinkling noise only to discover him with his big head stuck in a shopping bag. (I know, I know, won't get mother of the year this time.) So we're being extra careful about leaving him anywhere by himself, I'm going to look at investing in some sort of gate contraption soon. This said, if he is busy playing with something or is all milked up and calm then I can leave him for a little bit while I get whatever I need to done.

Today was a stinker, like Japan summer, I always forget how fucking hot it is hot, so when I went to hang the washing out upstairs I left Ash playing with his monkey. I'd only just got to hanging out the undies when he started whinging , but i know his cries by now, and it was a more of a 'Hey, walking, boobs, get your arse back here bitch!' rather than a 'Hey walking boobs, I'm ingesting poisonous chemicals right now bitch!' So I decided to quickly hang out the washing then get back into the air-con heaven.

By the time I got downstairs even through the sweat pouring into my eyes, I saw that that the front door was wide open. Now had it not been for the lil' ol' lady slippers strewn in the genkan I may have very well broken out the baseball bat and gone to town on Obaachan's arse thinking she was a robber, but of course, living so close to the in-laws, I know better.

Ashton was smiling up at Obaachan the little shit, and she started in on a "Ohhh Ashton's by himself, kawaisou neeee" spiel which just pissed me off.

I'm not a 'let them cry it out' mum, but I'm not a 'pick the baby up as soon as they make a noise' mum either, I usually let him cry a bit, finish what I'm doing, then go see what he's chatting about. It's kind of hard to use this strategy though, when people pop in all the freakin' time to check on the baby!

But whatever, Grandma is pushing 100, I can forgive her, doesn't mean it doesn't piss me right off though!

But today wasn't only meddling Obaachan, no, BIL came waltzing in asking to borrow our car while I was just about to hop in the bath. Anyone who bathes a baby by themselves knows this drill, you get naked with bubby then both jump in together. So I must have looked like such a twat scrambling to slam the un-slammable sliding door holding a naked baby with my bits flopping all over the place! I think BIL got the point when I just threw the keys at him through the crack (heh) of the door and just screeched, "Don't fucking crash it you little bastard!!" (In English) When he asked me what I said I just said "nothing" and he left thank god.

Saying all that, we're escaping to the beach this weekend, I'm excited!!! The beach isn't like a normal Japanese brown rock shitty beach either, it's actually really pretty. I hate the fact that I can't swim any further than the stupid barrier, but apart from that it's great and will also be Ashton's first beach visit!

Hope everyone is staying out of the heat, happy hump Wednesday!!!

That's what I was thinknig Obaachan!!!

Saturday 11 July 2009

Blame it on Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch China

Ryota and I often have heated debates and occasionally all-out brawls when it comes to racial issues, particularly when it comes to China and Korea, man I should be given honourary citizenship for the way I defend them! Our most recent tiff stemmed from the washing... How the hell does that happen?

Let me explain...

In Australia, the air is clean, as in puffy white clouds, blue skies, no acid-rain clean. If your washing gets wet, no biggie, just wait till the sun comes out again and it will be as good as new. Of course this is a big no-no in Japan, I guess especially in the city. I didn't believe it until I left my beautiful red dress out too long one day and I brought it in pink streaked, the shite in the air really is bad for clothes! But whatever, I'm not going to kill myself getting the washing in, it's just not in my nature.

So yesterday I cleaned a bastard big rug we used to have in the living room, now it's summer I don't want it there and actually have no space/idea where to put it now. So I left it on the verandah. It started raining and I remembered bastard rug too late but thought, 'Meh, it's just a rug and a dull coloured one at that.' Ryota went mental and asked me why Australians feel the need to leave washing on the line all the time which led to me screeching at him "HOWTHEFUCKWOULDYOUKNOWWHATIDOWITHMYWASHINGYOUNEVERWASH!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps a slight over reaction on my part but it's true, it was pure chance that he saw the damn rug, usually the washing area is my domain.

So he sat me down and explained to me that leaving washing out was bad for the washing like I was 5 years old (which I hate!).

He said he knows that Australian air is very clean and beautiful but we aren't so lucky in Japan, all because of China.

Ummmm, back up there cowboy. Huh!?

I gave him one of my 'you better have good evidence for this or I'm going to tear strips off you' looks and he quickly jumped in to a China yellow sand rant. I know about yellow sand, but it's a natural phenomenon, I really don't think China can be totally blamed for it. Ryota then said that it was because of all the pollution in China and directed me to Wikipedia. Dude of course there's pollution, there's what, like 258 gazilllion people living there!?

I know he just does it to get a reaction from me, and I never disappoint in that department!

But to be fair to him, he does have some general sweeping generalisation for EVERY country, here's the world according to Ryota...

Americans- Get a pretty good review except that they need personal space in a weird way... I have no idea what that means either.

Australians- Have no fashion sense but on the upside are always on time. Yessssssssss!

Canadians- Also have no fashion sense as they are always wearing bright coloured jumpers. Ummm I think I'd be living in a fleece if I was in -2 million degree cold too...

Any other Asian- Can just forget it. China-Rude. Korea-Pushy and smells like Kimchi. Thai- Dirty but friendly.

Brits- Are sneaky. That's all I could get out of him on that... Scots are excluded from the snaeaky category and apparently are quiet, kind and tend to mumble however this is purely based on our one scottish friend who is quiet, kind and does indeed tend to mumble....

French women- Have STDs...

African Americans- Are dangerous and don't wash their hair enough.

Any country in Africa- Has no water and/or clothes.

Russians- Will kill you, and the women are all snobby bitches.

And finally... Japanese- Women are like "stupid little attention starved dogs" (Again, quoting here!) and have no idea how the rest of the world works. haha, well I guess he's living up to his own stereotype!!!

Ryota isn't racist in a bad way and honestly I know he is just winding me up most of the time but he honestly didn't know that Japan was a part of Asia until JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL! He thought Asia was all the other scummy countries and Japan was the almighty reigning country!

Friday 10 July 2009


I was having a convo with MIL and SIL the other night when I couldn't sleep, they advised me to count sheep and were amazed when I said we also do that in English too. (Incidentally, MIL thought Mary had a little lamb was a Japanese only song, heelllloooo it's Mary not Mariko!)

Then we got on to the topic of what our imaginary sheep look like. My sheep are very anime. Fluffy, white with big kind eyes and they make a little bleating noise as they jump over a cute little cartoon gate. There is always only one sheep jumping over at one time and I never see any of the other sheep.
MIL was similar to mine except not quite as cute and the sheep is being herded into a pen full of all the other sheep.
SIL's sheep was scary looking; with those big curly horn-like things on it's head and a big woolly coat. She only ever sees one sheep and it's just walking randomly, no gate.Ryota's sheep is also the big scary, horny (hehe you know what I mean) one but he explicitly specified that the sheep is smelly with lots of flies around it.

If I'd studied psychology for any longer than 6 months I'm sure I could read something into our personalities from our sheep images.

Anyone else have any different ones???

Wednesday 8 July 2009

New camera shenannigans!

And with the anniversary, comes the prezzies! WooHoo!

I loooovvvvveeee giving prezzies, like more than I like getting them, although I like that too! I got Ryota a new watch as his old one was all mangy and broken and he got me a beautiful new make-up case which I totally needed, my make-up was all over and I could never find anything. But the best present was the one we got together, our new camera. I love taking photos so it's a little unfair to Ryo-chan that our joint prezzie to each other be mainly for me... meh thems the breaks! I'll have to make sure next year it's a boring gadget for his car or something.

Our anniversary turned out to be a very long drawn-out affair with our special dinner on Saturday, camera buying on Sunday which involved about 4 hours stalking electronics shops and about 2 hours of me practicing baragining in Japanese (I even resorted to holding Ashton up in the guy's face and telling him we didn't have enough money for his next meal! hehe). It was very tiring but we walked out of Midori denka when it was closed with our new camera, long view lens and printer and I damn well got that 20,000 yen discount! Gaijin power strikes again.

Monday was off to take picies then Tuesday (our actual anniversary) the in-laws put on a sushi extravaganza complete with cake, and we exchanged gifts. I cried when I read Ryota's letter, it was very sweet and heartfelt. My crying made MIL cry... and then it was just a big tear fest. I ganbatta-ed my card all in Japanese complete with every kanji painstakingly checked and in correct stroke order too!

And now for some new camera pics!!!

Daddy and Ash at the skypark

Puurrty flowers

Close-up Ash!

Flying Ash...

Love this one.

Ryota's new watch, of course I know I paid 10 yen for the actual watch that was made by a 10 year old in China and 29,990 yen for the diesel box....

Obaachan's feet! That's 82 years of walkin...

B-Boy Ash...


My new case and letter.

Arty sushi...

I hate ikura, I just ordered it for the camera shot...

Anniversary cake.

Sushi party!

The macro shots are great on the new camera!

I love photography, I totally recommend it as a hobby, it forces you to look for the beauty in everything you see.

P.S. My friend Sara who is posting here from hospital is having a rough time of it, I'm thinknig of you Sara and hope you're better soon!!!

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Happy anniversary to us!

Today is our 1 year anniversary! Sweet, made it to the one year mark, phew! Here's a history of our brief history in pictures...

Our very first alcohol fuelled crazy date. This was at about 10am the next morning after hangover ramen.





This is the day I found out I was preggers...


Sunday 5 July 2009

Snazzy restaurant night

Last night we had our anniversary dinner at a very nice restaurant in Kobe, it's the kind of restaurant where I get nervous I'm going to wipe my hands on an edible towel or get cutlery confused like Julia Roberts in pretty woman. Of course Ryota was even more clueless than me and had no idea what the little bowl of olive oil was...

Ryota: Errr what's this? (Pointing to the bowl)

Waiter: It's olive oil sir.

Ryota: Oh right yup, of course, silly me.

(To me) What the fuck do we need olive oil for??

After the 7 courses (they were really small, I wanted Maccas n the way home!) and 4(!) glasses of white wine for me we made our way home very relaxed and refreshed. of course I couldn't resist calling just once during the night to check on fatso and make sure he wasn't screaming the place down needing a booby or anything. He was fine though, chowed down on vegies and rice apparently.

Our actual anniversary isn't until Tuesday so I'll post a little picture history then, but even though I do say so myself, for a grubby construction worker and his dowdy housewife, we didn't scrub up too bad!

Saturday 4 July 2009

Feeling better today

Happy to say my bitchy mood has passed, PMS perhaps?
Ryota knew as soon as he got home last night that I was in a foul mood, and my bursting into ridiculous girly sobs probably didn't do much to help. He's not the best with girl problems though, the first thing he said was "Wait, what day is it?? It's not mother's day is it??" Poor flower is scarred from my last hissy fit. He then went on to just repeatadly ask me what was wrong, I tried to explain I couldn't put my finger on it, just felt shitty. But that wasn't good enough for him. Bloody men, clueless!

I then made the mistake of trying to explain it to him in Japanese, when I said "I feel like my life has no meaning" he said I sounded like a suicidal building jumper, which I wasn't I was just trying to explain to him that I'm a pretty shitty housewife, I really am. I can cook OK and the house is clean(ish) but I'm just not made to be a housewife. I liked my job, I was good at it, I hated quitting. But I couldn't get across to him how having no job and being an average housewife really makes me feel quite useless. However it did feel better to get it off my chest and I scored a massage out of it.

Also my MIL asked her boss for tonight off (she really is nice, I don't give her enough credit) so we are going to the snazzy Kobe restaurant tonight. We've got a late booking so hopefully I can milk Ash up and he'll sleep over at the in-laws so I can have a shandy or 10. I'm a little pissed at the short notice because I have nothing new to wear but it feels nice to not have to cook and just do my hair and make-up and stuff. Although I MUST run today, I think that's why I felt so shit yesterday, no running days make me feel like a housebound baby whale.

P.S. Happy 4th of July Yankees! Blow something up for me.

Friday 3 July 2009

Doom and gloom

I'm feeling gloomy today, must be all this shite weather.

Bad weather has meaning for our household. Not only can I never get my damn towels dry, but rain means Ryota doesn't work which means he also doesn't get paid for that day. So rainy season blows for more than one reason for us. Although a few days off is so good for him, he's not as exhausted as when he's working such long hours.

The SIL fight was a bit of a misunderstanding which ended up with me just being all Japanese about it and apologising for not really doing anything. Ryota was very shocked at my grown-upness but I explained to him SIL is always very nice to me and it really wasn't worth fighting about.

It's our anniversary next week and we were going to go to the restaurant in Kobe where we went the night before we 'got married' but MIL is working so looks like we'll be skipping the dinner. *sigh* Sometimes I really do miss my old life. Of course I love Ashton to bits but this life isn't really what I wanted now, I wanted to do all this when I was about 30, no point in regrets though, just got to do the best with what we have eh.
I must sound really selfish for saying that but I am selfish, I admit it.

5 things i miss about being single:
1) Going where I want when I want.
2) Working.
3) Sleep.
4) Drinking.
5) Friends.

Whoa, very depressing! Shall we all go on a group suicide mission? Haha, just kidding, sorry for the mopeiness, I'll get over it!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!