Wednesday 15 July 2009

Kawaisou Grandma, Kawaisou....

I love and hate 'kawaisou' in Japanese, I'm going to say it's 'Too bad' in English but it just seems so much more useful in Japanese. And as useful as I find it, it annoys the shit out of me when it is used referring to Ashton. Slight Japan/ in-law rant is in order I think...

Now that Ash can move anywhere, not crawling yet but man that kid knows all the angles, turn, wriggle turn and he's in the kitchen with knives and chemicals and all that anti-baby stuff. I discovered this the hard way when I put him down in the living room and 5 minutes later heard a crinkling noise only to discover him with his big head stuck in a shopping bag. (I know, I know, won't get mother of the year this time.) So we're being extra careful about leaving him anywhere by himself, I'm going to look at investing in some sort of gate contraption soon. This said, if he is busy playing with something or is all milked up and calm then I can leave him for a little bit while I get whatever I need to done.

Today was a stinker, like Japan summer, I always forget how fucking hot it is hot, so when I went to hang the washing out upstairs I left Ash playing with his monkey. I'd only just got to hanging out the undies when he started whinging , but i know his cries by now, and it was a more of a 'Hey, walking, boobs, get your arse back here bitch!' rather than a 'Hey walking boobs, I'm ingesting poisonous chemicals right now bitch!' So I decided to quickly hang out the washing then get back into the air-con heaven.

By the time I got downstairs even through the sweat pouring into my eyes, I saw that that the front door was wide open. Now had it not been for the lil' ol' lady slippers strewn in the genkan I may have very well broken out the baseball bat and gone to town on Obaachan's arse thinking she was a robber, but of course, living so close to the in-laws, I know better.

Ashton was smiling up at Obaachan the little shit, and she started in on a "Ohhh Ashton's by himself, kawaisou neeee" spiel which just pissed me off.

I'm not a 'let them cry it out' mum, but I'm not a 'pick the baby up as soon as they make a noise' mum either, I usually let him cry a bit, finish what I'm doing, then go see what he's chatting about. It's kind of hard to use this strategy though, when people pop in all the freakin' time to check on the baby!

But whatever, Grandma is pushing 100, I can forgive her, doesn't mean it doesn't piss me right off though!

But today wasn't only meddling Obaachan, no, BIL came waltzing in asking to borrow our car while I was just about to hop in the bath. Anyone who bathes a baby by themselves knows this drill, you get naked with bubby then both jump in together. So I must have looked like such a twat scrambling to slam the un-slammable sliding door holding a naked baby with my bits flopping all over the place! I think BIL got the point when I just threw the keys at him through the crack (heh) of the door and just screeched, "Don't fucking crash it you little bastard!!" (In English) When he asked me what I said I just said "nothing" and he left thank god.

Saying all that, we're escaping to the beach this weekend, I'm excited!!! The beach isn't like a normal Japanese brown rock shitty beach either, it's actually really pretty. I hate the fact that I can't swim any further than the stupid barrier, but apart from that it's great and will also be Ashton's first beach visit!

Hope everyone is staying out of the heat, happy hump Wednesday!!!

That's what I was thinknig Obaachan!!!


  1. No offense for previous post I might have been worst than him before going to Japan lol

    It looks like a sitcom with people popping into your privacy all the time!

    For me zannen is too bad. And kawaisou is "poor.." like "oh poor ashton" ho ho obachan is something !

  2. I only have one thing to say... you are a sitcom waiting to happen!

  3. Have a great day at the beach!!! I hope to see lots of photos. How exciting, Ash's first trip to the beach!! I hope he likes it and doesn't scream blue murder like my nephew did... LOL

  4. Kawiasou is my least favourite word when it comes to Raiden as well. It makes me feel like I am not meeting his needs or something.

    After the BIL story I am glad mine lives farther away. No one should have to see my bits :)

    The beach sounds so nice in this heat. Where are you going?

  5. Megan~ hehe It is kind of like a sitcom! Hmmm I was thinking about it lter and I think you're right, it is more like 'poor thing' than too bad. Either way, when it comes to Ashton it still makes me angry! :)

    Girl Japan~ God I know, I should carry a video camera around with me and then sell the rights!

    Nay~ Thanks, I hope the weather is better than today though! :(

    Beamies~ Right, isn't it horrible when they use it for YOUR OWN kids!
    We're going to Takenohama in North(?) Hyogo. It's pretty far (about 3 hours drive from us and we live in Hyogo!) in Toyooka. It7s soooo nice though and not that crowded becasue it's so far from the city.