Wednesday 22 July 2009

The B Bomb...

So making chit-chat the other night and Ryota drops the B bomb, or should I say second B bomb. Yup, he said "I wouldn't mind another baby now..."

YOU wouldn't mind another baby right now?? Mate, you're not the one with popping out scars who changes 58 million nappies a day and wakes up 5 times a night and deals with vomit and screaming and teeth and sore nipples and boobs so big you can't run without a load of duct tape and is still scarred mentally from the twenty-fucking-seven hours of hell and who needs to rodeo boy 5 hours a day to have a hope in hell of shifting the baby tummy!!! *breathes into a paper bag*

OK so I'm being a tad dramatic but seriously, I want Ash out of nappies before I think about another one, I can't imagine balancing two of the little squirmers at once!

I also want to enjoy Ash before I have to divide my attention. Saying that though, my sister and I are 5 years apart and it's just too far. Doesn't matter now we're older but when I was 10 and she was 15 it was like we were worlds apart. I think two or three years is a pretty good gap.

3 advantages of having another baby now~

1) I'm still fat from Ash, I may as well go all out then try to lose weight after both babies.

2) I do miss the tiny, fits-in-your-palm kind of baby.

3) I'm living so close to the in-laws they would be a big help.

3 advantages of having another baby later~

1) Ash will be old enough to understand the concept of having a little brother or sister.

2) My body will be fully recovered.

3) I can work for another year or so and we can save some money.

I'm itching to work again, we're enquiring about an office space near our house today so I might be able to start teaching English to the locals, we're also thinking of making it a nail salon/English school, (SIL is a nailist) mummy gets her nails did while kiddy learns how to say "apple," good deal don't you think?? The space used to be a 7 11 so it's pretty big which I'm guessing means pretty expensive, I hope not though, I would so love to get my teeth into something like a new business.

On an unrelated note, Isn't this the lamest piece of graffiti you've ever seen??

I'm not a fan of any graffiti but at least if it's one of those crazy mural type ones there is some artistic skill involved. I think this is very typical Japanese punk wannabe bad boy graffiti, I mean, for a start, it says "Itami No 1" oh yeh, you're a hard one you are, go Itami! And then the stupid little twat signed his name!? I salute your stupidity Yamaguchi-kun, it amused me no end.


  1. lol do you think Yamaguchi-kun was drunk XD It is a set-up from his ennemy maybe ^^"

    You are kind of lucky! think it is great that your husband wants another baby. I mean you got dekichatta kekkon but look he loves his family and is ready to extend it! Not the I will blame you for this all my life guy lol

    But I have no baby so I cannot say how hard it must be (- .- )

  2. Ha ha the graffiti makes me laugh!

    I miss the teeny tiny non tantrum stage, they grow up so quickly. Wrestling one crocodile into a diaper is enough to make me wait though :)

    A new business would be exciting! Hope it all works out for you.

  3. Do it now, do it now, do it now. I wouldn't be saying that if you were considering number three while you still had two toddles but going for number two...

    Marina and Shou are 16 months apart. Shou born in June and Marina October. It's two kids in nappies and Shou was still waking up once a night on average but I like that they are so close in age.

    Also, why get your body all the way back just to see it go again. Dito with the sleepless nights. I haven't had one for three years but am sooooo glad all my kids are out now.

    That said though, Shou has been in kindy since a month before Marina was born. Looking after both of them all day every day - especailly now when Mariuna is getting so defiant and naughty, would be crazy shit.

    Good look with your decision - or perhaps have a couple of naughty leg over sessions and see where it takes you!!

  4. GO for the nail/Salon English opportunity-- corp work is scarce recently, you never know you could build an empire.... I hope the rental is resonable....if you need any advice... feel free to ask....

  5. Ryota and Corinne Sitting in a Tree K I SS I NG
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage....

    oh wait :P

    Hahaha but seriously... I'd say sooner than later I think for the reasons that GW mentioned. Although I'm HATING being pregnant I think we will (knock on wood) start trying again when this munchkin is about a year - 18 months old just so I can get both of them off to kindy within a year or two of eachother and get back to working/looking to moving back to America with the free time :)

    I'm really torn between 2 or 3 at this point.. I think if #2 is a boy we will prob. stop with that but if #2 is another girl we'll prob. give it one more go for Ryohei's "bandmate" (cough gag barf)

  6. three years is a good gap. more than that becomes a bit difficult (for the children to be close when young). of course, it depends on the child. we all have different personalities! ;)

    having them close together can also mean lots of bills to pay when they're in school. having a gap can give you time to save up in between. even if you have college savings, it may not be enough!

  7. Megan~ I thought it maight have been his enemy too! That would be smart!
    You're right, I am very lucky Ryota likes kids, I would be sad if it was the other way!

    Beamies~ Isn't the graffiti great!
    Ash is soooo getting to the crocodile stage, squirming all over the place and throwing tantrums, not as fun anymore!

    Gaijin wife~ You're sooo much more brave than me, I'm scared to death about the prospect of another one, but I can see the advantages, and you're right, trying is pretty fun too!

    Girl Japan~ We really want to try with the business and I will definitely be sending you an email for advice in the near future, thank you!

    Sara~ We're the same, 2 if the next one is a girl, 3 if it's a boy. Although I can see myself running after 3 hyperactive boys with that theory...
    Can't believe you're thinknig of the next one with all your preggo troubles!

    Illahee~ 3 years does sound good, not too long but not so close I'll go crazy, and I never thought of the school bills! Although I'm hoping we'll be in Aussie by that time and I won't have to pay as much as it costs here!

  8. Oh my gosh, how did I miss this post?!?!

    Wow... that is a begin decision on Ryota's behalf...

    Have fun deciding on how you feel about it!

    We plan on having all of our kids really close together... I had an 8 year gap with my eldest brother and as kids we never really had any type of relationship...

  9. I know... what the hell is wrong with me?!

    But you know me... always planning ahead. :)

  10. I can't speak on the baby front but the English school/salon sounds like a fantastic opportunity that would probably give you flexibility down the road if you wanted to have another one. My brother and I are 3 years apart, which when we were younger provided a nice age/intelligence gap (I'm older), but now we are more like peers and it is great to have such a good friend.