Sunday 19 July 2009

This weekend officially blows

So our great beach weekend was..... cancelled!
Fuck it I was so looking forward to swimming and getting out of the house for a bit. Long story short there was a family argument of some kind involving Ryota's mum and boyfriend (who's house is at the beach) and first of all we were leaving early, then late, then staying 2 nights, then just the day then it was all cocked up and cancelled.

10 things that blow about this weekend~ (Written Sunday)

1) No beach
2) Raining
3) Had a fight with Ryota over something so stupid I can't remember what it was.
4) We not only didn't go to the beach, we didn't do anything at all.
5) Had to sit for 3 hours talking to the tooth fairy.
6) Ryota slept for 3 hours in the day leaving me to look after Ashton and do all the housework then cooked him dinner. Arsehole! (Still slightly fighting if you couldn't tell...)
7) Didn't eat dinner due to fight protest but now bastard hungry and no food in the house.
8) Having post-birth issues STILL!
9) Ryota lifted Ashton up and smacked his head (hard) on the low beam becasue our house was made for fucking midgets.
10) I ripped my finger open on our new kakigori machine and it stings like a bitch!

Ok I should explain a few...Went to the turtle and tooth fairy's house to kill some time and Ryota ended up helping his Dad fixing something in the garage so I was left with the tooth fairy and of course Ash fell asleep right when I didn't want him to. So I had to make chit-chat and the woman is fucking painful pardon my french. There's a rumour she used to work in a snack bar and that's where they met but I don't see how that is possible, her conversation skills are rubbish, in the end I was so desperate I just started washing up the dishes in the sink!

Won't go too far into the post-birth issues becasue I know there are a couple of people who may read this giving birth in the near future, but let's just say the war wounds popped out and I was freaking out, I should probably go to the Doc, with all the country swapping I never actually got examined after pushing that huge peach head out.

10 reasons why this weekend didn't blow that bad~ (Written Monday...)

1) I was riding the crimson wave so beach probably wasn't that good of an idea anyway.
2) After my tiff hunger strike Ryota went out and got me the best takoyaki ever and I swallowed my pride right along with it!
3) There was a massive thunder storm (it was great but the thunder was so loud the house was shaking which was pretty scary!)
4) We ended up going to Mino falls which was very pretty and we even saw some monkeys!
5) We're making new plans to go to the beach.
6) I finally had time to make a photography portfolio.
7) Did I mention we saw monkeys!?!
8) Have eaten so much home made kakigori I'll be on a sugar high until Christmas.
9) Got to take some amazing photos, going to be hard to choose 5 good ones.
10) And with the fighting, comes the great making-up.

So it didn't turn out to be all bad, I was well pissed off to begin with but gotta make the best out of a no beach situation I guess!
Amazing how much an attitude can change in a day though...


  1. I loved the thunderstorm too! Sorry your beach weekend was cancelled :( Happy things turned out not too bad in the end though.

  2. Awww so sorry that your beach weekend was cancelled...

    I guess leaving out the war wounds was for my benefit!!! (LOL) I sincerly hope that whatever it is feels better now... I can't imagine any sort of damage down there being much fun.

    Jealous of your thunderstorm!!! I love them but all we've had here is damn rain :(

  3. The toothfairy hahaaaaaa XD I wish I could see monkeys! Anyway it could be great if you had a pool close to your place!

  4. Yikes! What a weekend. Sounds like it ended well though. It is always nice to reflect on the good stuff that makes the bad stuff less awful! ;-)
    Sorry you didn't get to go to the beach but seeing monkeys is WAY cooler anyway!!

  5. It has been raining on and off like something feirce, perhaps the beach is meant for less humid and more sunnier days?

    It's warm till October, I'm sure you'll get your beach fix soon.

  6. Beamies~ How good was the storm!?

    Sara~ Yup the war wounds was for you, we can bitch about it together next week ;)
    I've never seen a storm so big here, it was crazy loud!

    Megan~ Monkeys are awesome aren't they!? There is a pool but I have tattoos and unless I wear a wetsuit it's pretty hard to cover them all!

    Midori~ Yup it didn't turn out so bad in the end. I agree, monkeys are way better!

    Girl Japan~ Definitely, sunny days are much better than humid days for the beach and luckily for me the Japan summer is sooooo long there should be more chances to go!

  7. Oh that's too bad! I forgort the tatoo issue in Japan. But you know I was with a japanese woman and a guy entered in the waiting room she had hard time to keep up with our conversation the guy had big tatoos. She was holding her bag and looked really scared and unconfortable. I know you are not a yakuza lol I guess the rule applies for all just because it is easier this way (T.T)