Friday 10 July 2009


I was having a convo with MIL and SIL the other night when I couldn't sleep, they advised me to count sheep and were amazed when I said we also do that in English too. (Incidentally, MIL thought Mary had a little lamb was a Japanese only song, heelllloooo it's Mary not Mariko!)

Then we got on to the topic of what our imaginary sheep look like. My sheep are very anime. Fluffy, white with big kind eyes and they make a little bleating noise as they jump over a cute little cartoon gate. There is always only one sheep jumping over at one time and I never see any of the other sheep.
MIL was similar to mine except not quite as cute and the sheep is being herded into a pen full of all the other sheep.
SIL's sheep was scary looking; with those big curly horn-like things on it's head and a big woolly coat. She only ever sees one sheep and it's just walking randomly, no gate.Ryota's sheep is also the big scary, horny (hehe you know what I mean) one but he explicitly specified that the sheep is smelly with lots of flies around it.

If I'd studied psychology for any longer than 6 months I'm sure I could read something into our personalities from our sheep images.

Anyone else have any different ones???


  1. That is so interesting! I bet you could write a whole thesis on the correlation there! My sheep are more Lambsy the little fluffy lamb, that used to be on playschool when I was a kid and spoke ever so softly. My lambs speak (not conscious whether it's English or Japanese) and there are two or three of them they politely wait in line for the other one to jump and come round again for anther turn. All very diplomatic and civil! :)

  2. To get to sleep I dream of frolicking around is a new channel dress.

    Seriously... my sheep are fluffy, white and black grazing across a moon shaped mountain eating daisies...

  3. Cartoonish.. Like really cheap animation legs not moving or anything.. And it does not work cause they don't want to jump correctly.

    Your blog is funny. I think you are a sweet family!

  4. Nooh~ It is interesting! It's something we all do but have different images of... Maybe a should go back to study! hehe Hmmm civil sheep eh... i want to give a clever personality evaluation but I actually have no idea!

    Girl Japan~ Hmmm yeh I think my dream image would be counting my future Lexus' whizzing by!
    Wow, black sheep too, now that is good material!

    Megan~ Thank you! hehe, cheap sheep that don't work properly, brilliant!!

  5. Hee hee so cute! You always come up with such fun things. I had to do a visualization for this one to remember. I guess a perk to being sleep deprived is when I can get it it comes quickly. Mine are white and fluffy too. They also wear blankets with their numbers on them. They jump over a short fence on the green grass with the starry sky. I can see the whole flock waiting paitently for their turn. Though I think I stole this image from a mattress commercial!

  6. Beamies~ Are they random numbers?? Or do they go in order?? Are you good at maths??? hehe, I think you're on to something there... perhaps our sheep image is the first image we've remembered of a sheep, or an image that is easy to remember..? It's night time, that's interesting, mine are always day.

  7. LOL!! I love this post Corrine!! I have to say my little sheep are really fluffy with black head and black feet. They stand in a line until they jump the fence and then I see the grazing on the other side.

    I just asked Naoki and his answer was "a normal sheep".... LOL. Just the answer I would expect from a Japanese salaryman who likes to do what everone else does!!

  8. what an interesting post!!
    my sheep look like sheep you'd see on baby clothes just cute, fluffy, not to detailed

    they jump over the fence (wood and plank) and then sort of disappear and the next one appears...

    never thought about it too deeply!!

  9. Nay~ awww black feet and head, how cute! lol at Naoki! He must have thought you were crazy for asking!

    Sara~ Ours sound very similar, mine jump and then disappear too, I'm still researching what all this means so I'll let you know if we're crazy or not!! :)