Wednesday 29 July 2009


First of all, a big congratulations to the 'Niigata nimpu,' (thanks gaijin wife's hubby!) Sarah on finally giving birth to her little girl Sakura, we were all eagerly waiting!

I cannot wait to start working again, this get up, wash, feed, play, cook, sleep routine is getting old quickly and it will be nice when I start working, Ryota won't have to work on Saturdays poor thing.

Things have been much too quiet for my liking lately, there's nothing really to look forward to, although I am embarking on a girl's day field trip this weekend in the car. I'm picking up the girls and we're off to Nishinomiya gardens for some shopping and lunch (and cold stone ice cream, singing woohoo!) I'm a bit nervous about driving on a Saturday, especially in Ryota's whale of a car. Ganbaru!

My little Ash is 6 months old today, half a year! Go team! It's gone quickly in a way but in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago that I was in Aussie giving birth, and even longer when I found out I was preggers. I should count my blessings really, life is boring at the moment but at least there are no shocks like that one was!

I'd known Ryota less than 2 months when I found out I was pregnant, crazy! I remember being in Starbucks with him one day and thinking it had been a while since I'd had a visit from auntie Flow, thinking out loud (in English seeing as though I thought the Starbucks customers might not appreciate that kind of information with their cherry chocolate latte) Ryota gave me a big hug and said he didn't care if I was pregnant, he'd love to have a baby. I stored that away in the memory bank for the time when I told him I actually was preggers!

When I took the test I thought I was reading the kanji wrong and asked him to read it for me and he was like "Errm, no, your kanji reading is spot on..." Much freaking out later we just decided to deal and make the best of it, and we have!

I'm currently addicted to toasted sandwiches, sounds healthy doesn't it, toasted? But I'm talking put in a frying pan with oil and butter until the cheese is all melty and the bread is all crispy, yummy! I dread to think of the calorie content. Must rodeo boy extra hard today. Rodeo boy is still keeping my interest surprisingly, (probably because I'm so bored with everything else!) but I've lost weight on my upper legs not my tummy, who cares, I've lost somewhere, that's all that matters!

The in-laws haven't been pissing me off too much recently either, there was a slight incident this morning, I went to the post office loaded up with packages for my sister's birthday and two friends who wanted happy town and hi-chus to send off. As I was leaving this was the convo I had with MIL:

MIL: Where are you going with those?!
Me: The post office.
MIL: Do you know how to send them?
Me: Yes, I'll be fine, thank you. BAI BAI!

If I had any balls this is how the convo would have gone:

MIL: Where are you going with those?
Me: To the moon you twit, where do you think I'm going with 3 post boxes with big posting things stuck to them??
MIL: Do you know how to send them? (You dense gaijin)
Me: How fucking long do you think I've lived in this country? I'm not a moron, and I'm more than capable of sending a box to Australia, stop fucking asking me if I can do things like I'm 5 fucking years old! If I need your help I'm not mute either, I'll ask. BAI BAI!

She's just being nice but it really does make me feel like an idiot when she does it. Whatever, if that's the biggest problem I have I'm doing good right.

Hoping this week goes fast, looking forward to the ice cream and 3 clucky 30-something-year-old women to take Ashton while I shop my little heart out!


  1. I guess you got yourself a second mother (^ ^). Can't imagine her face if you told her that!

    Damned two months that was a scary story (T.T) *run buy more condoms*

  2. Happy six months Ashton!! Time flies doesn't it!? Hope you have a good weekend out.

  3. Girl Japan~ Me too, kinda wish I'd said that now!

    Megan~ Yup she would have been pretty shocked! I know, 2 months is crazy, and we bought a lifetime supply after that, but we learnt the hard way! :/

    Beamies~ Ash says thank you! Actually he drools but I'm sure he appreciates it! :) Time does fly, waayyyy too quickly!

  4. LOL at your second conversation with your MIL. I used to have those in my head ALL the time when I lived in Japan!