Thursday 16 July 2009

Five Foto Friday!

See what I did there, with the spelling and the phonetics... and who said your brain turns to mush when you have a baby! hehe

Just because I'm lazy and can't be arsed writing anything, Friday shall now be photo day. Taking photos is also so much more of a joy now I have the crazy good camera, although I don't trust myself taking a $1600 camera to drinking events so they will still be captured on my far inferior digi camera!

Speaking of which, I went to my good friend's sayonara party last weekend and it was really fun. It was our first night attempting to leave Ash for the whole night (so I could drink a fair whack of beer!!!) and he did actually sleep through. We got home at about 2:30am and were absolutely buggered but figured we're 25 and 27, way too young to be tucked up in bed by 10pm every night!
I say got home, more like stumbled home, and then I literally fell asleep while pumping my boobs so Ashton wouldn't be drinking beer-milk for brekkie. Ryota was sloshed after his 3 rum and cokes as usual and it was great to catch up with baby-free people, not one conversation about children all night I don't think! (Apart from the blatant keitai flashes showing off Ashton of course.)

Hang on, I wasn't going to write anything... Ok, here are my 5 best photos from this week!

Obaachan's prize rose

Weird sky...

Very close-up Ash

Ryota among the Osaka crowds.

Us about to leave for the sayonara. Ryota said I look like Michael Jackson and I have to agree, I was actually breathing in to try and make myself look thinner.... hehe


  1. Oh gosh yes, get out there girl when you can and enjoy life... what's your new hardware? My parents had three kids.. they did not stop them from a fun fulfilled social life.. You are only 26? I am six years older = )

  2. Meant.. that did not stop them..... crap....

  3. I've always been a bit of a homebody but I agree you guys don't need to feel shackled by the baby to stop having a good time :)

    I like the pics!! And you look FINE in the last one - jeez girl didn't you have a baby 6 months ago?! I hate you :P

  4. Good for you for getting out! I am still a little nervous about my first attempt tomorrow. Love the picture idea, might steal it maybe I will call mine Snappy Saturday :) Your camera (and skills) take such nice pics.

  5. The rose picture (0.0) It is so pretty! I am glad you enjoyed yourself. And I learnt something about alcohol and milk here. If he has a caold some rhum and honey and here you go (^^)

    Next week a picture of the camera!

  6. Fabulous fotos! See I can do it too :P

    I think it is great that you and Ryota are going out- lucky you have babysitters close by as well! My parents were pretty good too- although they used to send my brother and I out of the country when they wanted to do stuff- ie, to NZ to visit relatives. The first time I was on a place by myself I was 7 or 8 and I took my 5 year old brother (It might of been younger than that, that is the first time I remember at least!)

    My favourite photo is the one of Ryota and the Osaka crowds!

    Have a good weekend :)

  7. Girl Japan~ haha, I knew what you meant ;) My new camera is a canon Kiss x3, love it! Yup, we're definitely trying to get out at least once a week, otherwise we'll go a bit mental I think! I turn 26 in November, so technically still 25!

    Sara~ I'm not up for going out every night but I really do need to get away sometimes, I think our marriage will suffer if we don't get out of the house sometimes! haha, thank you, I'm VERY conscious of my impossible to shift baby belly, but I'm rodeoing my heart out so we'll see!

    Beamies~ You'll be fine, although you may get addicted to getting out! It's nice when I get home from being away from Ash, I miss him but it makes it even better when he gives me a good 'I missed you mum!!' grin!
    I like snappy Saturday! Feel free, I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family!

    Megan~ Thank you! Oooo I didn't know that, haha I'll have to try it. I've been lucky, Ash hasn't had a cold yet so I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    Ok, I'll be sure to take a picture of the camera!

    Lulu~ Your paretns rock! Now there's an idea, he can travel to Korea on the boat when he7s, what, 5?? hehe. I'm all for international experience, and even more when it gives mummy and daddy some free time!
    I loke that photo too, the side angle is cool although he definitely needs to trim those side burns!

  8. Unless you were moonwalking two seconds before that pic was taken I can't say I see the MJ resemblance!! It's a lovely family pic though. And agree, the profile of hub in the Osaka crowds is great too.

    Yay for drunken nights out. I don't think I have been up for non-child related reasons at that time of night once in the last three years. Not through lack of want though :(

  9. Gaijin wife~ hehe I think he meant I look plastic, but I have been known to do some genkan moonwalking once in a while!
    If anyone deserves a night on the town it's you! I'm going crazy with one little terror I can't imagine what it would be like with 3!

  10. i think the three of you look great! cute baby!! i also like to take sky photos so love that one a lot.

  11. illahee~ Thank you! I'm a fan of sky pictures too!