Tuesday 26 July 2016

December 1st

Is a date I will now never forget.

I'd been to a job in Osaka, I say job, but it was actually a gig being a guinea pig for some face laser machine that I tested for 3 months to see if my white skin would melt under. Thankfully it didn't, and I got my $300 for doing nothing.

Ryota had driven me, because he's useful like that, a pain in the arse at times, but also kind and useful at others.

We got home just in time to pick Bailey up, it was perfect except that I hadn't made dinner and the lazy in me picked up McDonald's much to Bailey's joy, he didn't say it but the look on his face said, "I love you for being a lazy crap mummy, mummy!"

We parked our car in the car park across the street and went to the crossing which has a button you press, wait exactly 7 seconds for the light to change and then cross. I know it's 7 seconds because I'm OCD like that. We've done it hundreds of times, literally hundreds. Bailey always fights with Ash to push the button.

We got to the light and he pushed the button. I relaxed, we've pushed the button, Ty (the third boy!) is strapped to me, dinner in both my hands, Ryota following behind.

And then he pushed the button and didn't stop.

He just kept running.

And literally a million thoughts ran through my head. He's run out!Stop him!Look for cars!Scream!STOP!

And right before my eyes my skinny little baby ran into a car and rolled along the road at a speed that meant I couldn't see his little face, just a blur of lights and his blue jacket.

He rolled 10 metres and I just started wailing. I was like those women who moan when they grieve. Sounds were coming out of my mouth that I didn't even know could.

About 10 army guys from the base next door surrounded us and I remember one saying in English "Maam! He's alive!" Thank God for buff army guys. More than just eye candy.