Thursday 30 July 2009

"To all my people who ain't got no work, everyday is friiidddaaayyyyy"

Love that soundtrack, will have to drag it out again and be all gangsta.

Once again Friday has rolled around incredibly quickly. I've been in somewhat of a funk this week, slacking on bento duties and generally just feeling tired, not sure why but I'm guessing it's been all the shite, cloudy weather, I can definitely handle summer more when it's sunny, even if it is bastard, sweat-your-tits-off hot. Feeling a bit more chipper today due to Mr. Sunshine showing his arse for once.

Haven't been too snap happy this week mainly due to fore mentioned shite weather but still managed to scrape up a few good shots.

Getting nervous about my driving mission tomorrow, wish me luck! I'll take pics of the awesome ice cream.

Awww, look! A cute little edible bunny.... WHO HAS BEEN SHOT IN THE EYE AND IS BLEEDING PROFUSELY!!! RUN AWAY CHILDREN!!!!

My lil terrorist... "The bomb's behind me people..."

That's one sizeable arse. Reminds me of a watermelon...

Pinched this recipe for stuffed piiman from Sarah and it was scrumdidiliumptious.

Nice to see we still have our inner children. God we're dickfrits, and ugly ones at that! (Is my mum the only person who uses the word dickfrit?? Yup, good. Just checking.)

Happy weekendin'


  1. GREAT pictures!! :-) The last one made me laugh out loud which resulted in a weird look from my boss! Have a fab weekend!

  2. You are such a goof... i bet you are a blast to be around.. I wonder if I can dig up some drunk pictures of me and hub...

  3. Ha ha, "dickfrit" never heard that one before! The pimins look yummy.

  4. Don't know what dickfrit means sorry XD
    Crazy parents can only lead to terrorism and bloody rabbits, I got your message lol

    Very cute pictures ! Ash has the same tongue that his daddy remember me of hebi ni piasu .

  5. Midori~ haha, sorry, don't want your boss giving you too many weird looks, will cut back on the funny face pics!

    Girl Japan~ We have to be silly sometimes or we'll go crazy! hehe, Drunk pics are even better!

    Beamies~ They were awesome! lol, yup dickfrit is a mum original I think.

    Megan~ I don't really know what it means either... haha. I like the crazy parents theory!!