Sunday 2 August 2009

How to turn 3 very clucky women into 'I'm never having children' women.

Just give them my son for the day.

Ashton seemed to have used up all his good outside manners last weekend and was a right little shit on Saturday when we went for our ice cream mission. He wouldn't stay in the stroller, squirmed like a worm when held and was generally squealing like a little bitch the whole day. Although I'm cutting him some slack because he did cut his first tooth yesterday and despite the Japanese philosophy that it's just "itchy," cutting a big hole in your gum can't be fun. Well done little man, got him some chompers, well one anyway. That's going to be a joy, when the biting of the nipples starts...

It was good to catch up with my girlfriends though and they were all happy to cuddle/wrestle with him when they saw the veins in my temple about to pop. I'll give you the low down on my girlfriends:

A- is 38 and I'm sure very much wants to get married and have babies ASAP. She dated one of my good gaijin mates for about 3 years and then he cheated on her and left her. I think she thought he was the one and it really shook her. She then dated another one of my gaijin friends but it didn't work out. Somewhat of a gaijin hunter but has given up on the gaijin men and now seeks rich salary man who wants kids. Hmmm, good luck with that one. Her only chance is probably a divorcee although we want to set her up with Ryota's unmarried 40 year old cousin. (He's bald and that apparently eliminates his chances of finding a wife.)

R- Is 33-ish(?) and was also in a long term relationship with a gaijin guy who I always thought was a bit of a wanker but can now openly slag off as they had a messy break up quite recently. She was married to a Japanese guy but they divorced. Is now dating an American guy who I thought was gay but apparently, is not.

Y- Is 32 and in a relationship with a gaijin guy who has definitely cheated in the past and may be now, I don't know. Overall pretty nice guy though. Y desperately wants to be a housewife and resents being made to work by her slightly cheap boyfriend.

They all want kids and marriage, I feel slightly guilty that everything they wanted fell into my lap when I didn't particularly want it, but that's the way it goes I guess. I hope they all get what they want soon, I really don't know why they bother with gaijin men though, the 'gentleman' myth is just that, a huge myth. If you call, irresponsible, drunk sweaty white guy gentlemanly then knock yourself out. haha, how narrow minded of me, Ryota is rubbing off! But seriously, most of the gaijin friends I have here just aren't in it for the long-term. They want a bit of Japanese tail and a lot of Japanese partying and then they want to go home to start their 'real' lives.

So here are some snaps of the day.

"I can give him back at the end of the day, right?"

Hmmmm Ice-creamy goodness. *drool*

I should be an ice cream commercial photographer!

I replaced baby with ice cream, great swap.

"Who the #%&! are you lady, and more importantly, do you have whip-out boobies??"

Of course he slept like an angel in the car.

My bitches.

It's all fun and games until the baby wakes up...

Our tomatoes! They were described by the neighbourhood Obachans as 'cute...' I took that opportunity to shower them with tomatoes cos they're tough as hell and I'm not into little red rocks in my salad. Hope they didn't crack anyone's falsies!


  1. The ice cream looks fabulous! I could do with a bowl of it right now. Watch out for Ash's little chompers, KK's first tooth cut the other day and he's been busy testing it out by biting me and then laughing....evil child!

  2. Feel sorry for your friends . They all should consider japanese man cause I agree gaijin guys in Japan are no good!

    Ash is so chubby so cute! Maybe he knew this time he had no competition and could behave like an ass haha!


  3. Not all women in their 30s are desperate to get married and have kids. There are plenty in their 20s who are as well!!

  4. ChomChom~ Ouch! Damn not looking forward to that! The ice cream was awesome! Hope you're having fun in Canada!

    Megan~ Hmmm, I know not ALL gaijin men are bad but I don't know too many good ones! I feel sorry for them too, they all want babies so bad!
    This could be true, no other babies to out-do him so he was bad, I'll have to rent a baby next time!

    Shannon~ haha, this is true! Maybe it's worse because they're Japanese, and apparentky Japanese women are like Christmas cake, no good after the 25th... hehe WTF??