Friday 21 August 2009

Friday Fotos

Remembered this week! My days are back on track since the man is back to the 9-5 slog, more like 6-8 slog but let's not get in to that.

Feeling better getting back into the old routine, boring as it is, I have control over it at least. Been going on some long arse walks this week, 4kms according to my little step measurey jogging thingy. Too bad it's only walking and not jogging but I figure the buckets of sweat and stroller pushing/ grocery carrying count as training of some sort. Still jogging every night too so on track for the November run!

Love this one, was all giggles and tickles with Daddy

Our baby car seat is basically useless now, very much need a new one!

Dead sunflower on the side of the road. Who the hell takes pictures of dead sunflowers??

Obligatory double peace sign on the side of the road.

Our munchkin in his jinbei all ready to watch the fireworks


  1. Nice dad/kid pic up top! And the ink is hot!

  2. Love the first and last photos (haha, the cute kids always make the best photos!)

    Love his jimbei too- although he looks a little in shock? Did he enjoy the fireworks?

  3. coming over from illahees blog.Ash is gorgeous!!!!and love your blog;just been snooping around.hope the swine flu is over at your home;just starting up here coz we live in inaka and are always a bit late with things eh;)

  4. Illahee~ Thank you!

    Selena~ I do like a man with tattoos, he got it done when he was in the U.S.

    Lulu~ Yup, cute baby seems to be stealing the limelight lately! He was in shock I think, he's not used to being so dressed up! We did the laziest thing possible and watched the fireworks from a restaurant!! Although the seats, air-con and cold beer went down very well and we got a good view. Ash slept through the whole thing... maybe next year he'll appreciate them more!

    GW~ Thanks, it's a snoopy special!

    Maggietoki~ Welcome! and thanks! The swine flu is all gone thank god! It was pretty scary, hope you guys aren't affected too bad! :(

  5. Good for you with all the walking and running at night! In this heat I have to mentally coax myself to the grocery store. Love the pics especially Ashton with daddy. Jinbei are the best, Ashton looks adorable.

  6. Cute pictures! The top one is completely precious! :-)