Monday 17 August 2009

The tooth hurts

You know all those millions of pamphlets they give you when you're pregnant, the ones saying how good it is for your baby to breastfeed him? How close you'll feel to him, how it's the best possible thing to do for your baby? The ones with the pictures of cute, calm babies, gazing into their beautiful, perfectly made-up mother's eyes while suckling at the breast? You know the ones right??

Not once in those bullshit pamphlets does it mention the searing pain of a new formed, fresh-out-of-the-gum tooth noshing into your nipple. Bloody load of shite pamphlet.
I'm seriously finding myself getting sweaty palms and nervous tummy every booby time. And the little bastard giggles every time he has a chomp and I yank my boob away crying and rocking and clutch it while the pain dies down.
Of course, the husband saying まぁ赤ちゃんしょうがないね、(which roughly translates as "Can't be helped love, now suck it up, shut your trap and get your tits out for the boy!" )doesn't help much, and the gaggle of in-laws wanting to see him and his 'cute' biting techniques isn't exactly making it any easier either. maybe I should pop him on one of their nipples and let him have a chew, see if they think it's cute then.

Obon is still dragging on, I was going crazy with a messy house this morning so sent Ryota off to the in-laws with bitey boy and told him not to come back until I had cleaned the whole house. Got interrupted twice with Ashton doing two humongous shits that Ryota was incapable of dealing with, apparently piss nappies are fine but mummy has to deal with the shitty ones, where the fuck did that rule come from?? He was so pathetic when he asked me I couldn't say no though, this is how it went:

Him: (timidly poking head in door) Corinne, Ashton did another huge poo... What should I do??
Me: (turning off the vacuum cleaner and turning Britney down) What do you mean 'what should I do'??? Deal with it!
Him: But it's really big, I think you should check, I don't know what to do...
Me: (Many expletives)

I asked him what he would do if I died or got sick but that was a stupid question, like a lot of Japanese men, he would palm him off to the in-laws. Silly me.

Ryota goes back to work tomorrow which will be nice to get the routine back, but then it has been nice to have him around more, and Ashton is so much happier with people other than me to stimulate his little brain.

OK, must go running or I never will!


  1. I like your 'rough translation' :)

    Why is it that crappy nappies are so much worse. Just a few extra bum wipes. Ryu is starting to realise that other people are more exciting already. Scary. He's my last one, I want him to think mummy is the best for ever.

  2. I really love your blog! I just wanted to say that. I promise to eventually delurk but it is GREAT.