Saturday 15 August 2009

Ballsed up week.

Also known as Obon in Japan-land.

This week has been a blur of BBQs, shopping centre trips, goooooooooddddd weather (finally!) and many other things which have at the same time been annoying and enjoyable. Man I have no friggin idea what day it is.

If I was thinking of having another baby I sure got a good preview this week, I swear to god Japanese men resemble toddlers in so many ways. When I used to work eikaiwa and the old biddies would complain that their husbands were going to retire and that they didn't want them in the house, I thought they were mad. But now I have a husband in my usually well kept house messing up schedules and leaving 50 fucking million coffee cups around the place, I get it. I so get it. God I want to find those women and bitch with them.

No major blow-outs though, quite 'rabu- rabu' actually. Few things such as coffee cups are pissing me off but I'm learning to breathe through the pissed off stage and remember that it's really not that big of a deal. And it's been great for Ryota to actually see how much work Ashton is, I don't think he'll be coming home from work as much asking me "So, what did you do today, sleep?" Because he knows that our little monster would never let us sleep in the day anymore.

Had some BBQ action at turtle's house the other day, that was fun. Then went to a restaurant with a view of the local fireworks last night and got a bit sloshed, although this summer holiday still has too much shitty nappies and not enough beer for my liking.

Once again forgot foto Friday so here are some snaps from the last few days to make up for it.

Would write more but you know, got fucking coffee cups to collect. Hope everyone in Japan is enjoying Obon, for those of you not in Japan, sucks to not have Obon eh.

Very summery

Our little monster

The turtle crew after eating and drinking too much

Two big bald heads together

Marathon training has begun! 100 days to go and pink running accessories in full force!


  1. I love Japanese BBQ's!! They are the best :)

    Good luck with your marathon training!! I know I wouldn't be able to do it...

  2. I have forgot what day it is too during Obon! I am constantly asking people and have forgot Snappy Sunday. Holidays have a way of playing with us :) Ditto on the good luck with the marathon training!

  3. I watched a documentary (in french) about japanese women that get sick because their husband are home when they retired. Some separate some keep working. I do not envy that.

    Good luck for your training .. in style ^^