Thursday 6 August 2009

Biffs revisited

I'm watching 'pretty woman', ahhh love that movie. Also love Richard Gere, although seeing him on Japanese TV recently shouting "hachi!!!" in a very gaijin accent hasn't done much for me.

Still incredibly busy this week with all my helpers out with the flu. BIL is on the mend, SIL and MIL still pretty bad and Baachan went to the docs today and has Type A flu, which isn't quite as bad?? I think that's what Ryota has too because he gets a bit of a fever in the day and is coughing a fair bit but apart from that he's fine.
I've also been cooking and shopping for the in-laws which according to them is totally unnecessary but I know they appreciate it and they were so good to me when I had strep throat, it's only fair I repay the favour, good little gaijin daughter-in-law I am! Excuse me while I polish my halo.

I'm hoping the recent bickering in our house is just due to sickness and stress, I can be quite difficult to live with, but I'm, ahem, sure it's totally not me... Well maybe just a bit. The fact that I haven't been running in a week is driving me nuts, feel very fat and bloated and...old. I seriously took a good look in the mirror this morning and I look freakin' old. Ryota didn't help by telling me I had black circles under my eyes last night. Of course I have fucking black circles, I never sleep through anymore, Ash's teeth wake me up at least 3 times a night recently. *sigh*

I swear I've gained new wrinkles since Ashton was born, hellllooooo twenty-fucking-five years old and I have cunting wrinkles!!!
*Ohhhh I'm at the shopping bit in Pretty woman, those snooty bitches!*
But yeh, seriously, the 8 grand we got in baby bonuses will all be blown on anti-ageing creams the way I'm going! I've decided I'm going to make an effort to be like a Japanese mummy next week, house totally organised, bento perfectly prepared and cooled on time and make-up and proper effort put in to outfit to go to the supermarket... yeh right, like that's going to happen! I don't know how they do it.

I've realised since having a baby I spend so much less time looking in the mirror, I'm quite looks/fashion conscious usually and when I was working I'd spend say 20 minutes looking in the mirror, cos I luurrrvvvveee myself sooooo much, and I didn't want to go to work looking like a total derro. But lately it's throw on any clothes that don't stink of baby vomit, make-up; hah! that's a laugh! hair; back, possibly with highlights of baby spit. I really need to start looking after myself a bit more, I love putting make-up on and getting all dolled up but lately, there has just been 0 motivation! Ganbaru.

Look at the rabbiting on already, OK, back to the tension waves of late. Tension waves is what we used to say at home in Aussie, if someone in our house was fighting we would use a little waving signal to each other so we knew to tread lightly. It's been more like a tension tsunami this week, let me see if i can remember...

Tension wave #1~ Hello work in-law battle where Ryota told me if I wasn't paid not to complain to him. Won that battle bitches!

Tension wave #2~ Ryota was still hungry after dinner one night, which pisses me off in itself, he likes to knit pick about dinner every fucking night and it drives me nuts!!! I thought it was my shitty cooking until Ryota's best friend (who he lived with for a year in Australia) and I had a bitch session about his pickiness and bad habits such as not cleaning the toilet, leaving beard hairs in the sink, throwing clothes on the floor etc. It made me feel so much better that it wasn't just me!
Anyway, Ryochan was hungry after dinner and I was still eating so he went and made snack pan for himself then bitched that he was sick and still had to 'cook.' He's so fucking impatient, he couldn't just wait the 10 minutes until I'd finished my dinner.

Tension wave #3~ Kakigori syrup spilled on the floor which apparently was all my fault! WTF??

Tension wave #4~ Ryota gets hot in the middle of the night when the air-con timer goes off. I hate having air-con on all night cos it makes my throat all dry and Ash kicks his blankies off and gets cold. Ryota wakes up hot and gets all huffy at me.

Tension wave #5~ Doesn't involve me thank fuck! BIL got the flu first so Ryota WENT OFF at him for being a stupid little punk who gave everyone the flu. I'd never heard him use such language and it was in Japanese and really fast but from what I could gather went something like-

Ryota: You stupid little cunt, you've made everyone fucking sick!
Junpei: It wasn't my fault!
Ryota: Yes it is, you sleep all fucking day and then go to skanky clubs with infected, dirty people all sharing cups and shit. Get a job you lazy little bastard!!!
Junpei: .........

I have to agree with Ryochan on this one, BIL is 22 and has never studied, never had a real job. His Dad just shelled out about a grand for him to go to school for caring for old/ disabled people but as I expected he gave up mid-way because it was too hard. I shouldn't really care but grandma is still washing his clothes and Ryota and I spent our Sunday last weekend trimming the trees around the house that Junpei is more than capable of doing, he really needs to start living like a normal person rather than a 4 year old.

I think there were more tension waves but I just can't remember them, Ryochan and I are all good, bickering stresses me out but I'm feeling good today despite the 20 or so times Ash woke up last night. Friday tomorrow, going to do an alone (well, with Ash) shopping mission by car tomorrow I think, going stir crazy in the house.


  1. A guy said i looked like a baby panda so I use revitalift now XD

    Heat drives people crazy!

  2. I hope the tension has died down a little!!

  3. Megan~ haha, a baby panda sounds kinda cute to me!

    Nay~ It definitely has, everyone if feeling much better!

    Gaijin Wife~ I think the worst is over but we're waiting till Monday just to be safe to have any contact with the infected in-laws. Oh god aren't men terrible when they're sick!

    Last night's dinner didn't escape criticism, apparently my stew was too weak so I calmly directed the whinging bugger in the direction of the kitchen while I enjoyed mine!