Monday 25 May 2009

"Rabu Rabu" Sunday

You know how in books when the husband is being extra nice to the wife they think they're cheating...? that's kind of what it's been like for us lately.

Maybe since the mother's day blowout? Or I also have sneaking suspicions that someone in Ryota's family may have given him an earful that if he upsets the foreign girl too much she may just run back to Australia with the first grandson and never come back.

Either way I'm happy, Ryota has been incredibly sweet and helpful lately, which is good because it makes the 5:30am bento making a little easier! Hmmm let's see, tamagoyaki, meatballs, salad and a side of bitterenss sweetheart? haha that's what it can feel like sometimes when I'm pissed off!

But mornings like this morning are great, where I get up and actually want to get on with the day and make an effort to do nice things for Ryota. Of course this could all change when he gets home tonight and does something to make me want to tear my hair out...

Up until now Sundays haven't been very relaxing, since they are the only day Ryota has off they have been used for fixing the house, I say fixing the house, I mean Ryota gets busy with the drill while I instruct him where to put things... It wasn't good for either of us, so now the house is pretty much done, Sundays are more of a date/ family type day.

Yesterday we went pet shopping and had lunch out with little Ash, the weather was really nice and then we came home and watched a movie, had a little nap and Ryota cooked dinner for us, which is very rare!
It could be our 'kekkon shukudai' (Marriage homework) rule we now go by. Every Sunday night when we go to bed, we choose something (reasonable) that we want the other to do for us at some time in the coming week. Last week, Ryota wanted me to make more of an effort to lock all of the doors in the house. Fair enough, although with Grandma on the prowl any burglar would be pretty ballsy to mess with her! And I wanted Ryota to be a little bit more romantic. hehe Such a girly, vague request, but he did very well.
From what I've heard, Ryota's ex-girlfriends weren't very girly girls and weren't into the whole romance thing and it's going to take him a bit more time to perfect the art I think!

I recommend marriage homework, it helps you get what you want without nagging, although I still do my fair share.

On a totally different note, I hope my Ashton boy isn't too fat?! He's almost four months old and already 9kg. He's in L size nappies and such a pudgy little thing! Is it dangerous for babies who are exclusively breastfeeding to be too big or am I just being paranoid??

Here's my little sumo man...


  1. Ash~~~ he's so cute and pudgy!! Sorry I can't help you on the weight thing but I would venture a guess that exclusively breastfed babies can't be "too fat" I'm sure the sempai mama experts will give you better advice!

    I really like your idea of marriage homework. Maybe have to give that one a try sometime!! I don't know what mine would be - at this point (on a bit of a good stretch this week... but you know that its bound to pan out at some point!)

    Pet shopping you said?? Is there going to be a new addition to the family of the furry kind!?

  2. Sara~ He is a little pudge isn't he!!
    Yeh marriage homework is great! Although Ryota would probably kill me if he knew I was sharing that... he wants to appear all manly, in control and never needing to work on marriage! hehe silly boy.
    Hmmmm pet shopping.... I'm fighting for a dog but I don't think Ryota will budge, so we're down to either a star tortoise (soooooo cute) or fish.... We have until Sunday to think about it then it's buyin time!

  3. haha the little boy has man boobs -- I mean that in the most funniest way = )

    I LOVE chubby babies, they are just darling... don't worry about his weight too much = )

    You are getting a furry family member? I am regretting my decision at the moment.

  4. Girl Japan~ I know, I love pudgy babies too! And I do love to squeeze his little man boobs.
    Hmmmm thinking of a fur baby, your puppies look so gorgeous, but very mischievous I imagine! Still thinking...