Saturday 14 January 2012

A tribute

To my husband.

Actually he's been annoying the shit out of me today, but seeing as though ALL I do is bitch about him on here, I thought I should actually list the good qualities about him for once. If some bitching creeps in I'm sorry, I can't help it that he really does manage to balance out the good things with a few very annoying ones!

*He has a moral compass.
If I did a survey of 100 men who knocked up their foreign girlfriends after a few weeks of dating, I doubt many of them would have stepped up to the plate as mine did. I shouldn't be thankful for this, because it was officially half his responsibility, but I am because he had a choice to be an arsehole, or to be a man and make it work. And he did. Thank fuck. Otherwise I'd probably be a single mother smoking crack in the back alley of an Osaka street between hostess jobs while my son was in training to be a 'halfu talento' to support us.

*He sticks up for me.
Or anything he actually cares about. He's possibly the most aggressive Japanese guy I've ever met, and while this has negatives when it's directed at me, when he tells Jehovah's witnesses to go wipe their arses with their pamphlets, or bargains down our rent with amazing success, I very much appreciate this quality. Just the other day, I was knocked back for a credit card and while I pouted dejectedly at the rejection letter, he was on the phone quizzing them why it had been rejected, "Is it because she's foreign??" "We make more than enough money, why the fuck would you reject it?!" The card is in the mail.

*He's a good Dad.
Not the best in housekeeping duties (but then neither am I) but when it comes to Ash, he loves him to bits and vice versa. This is a very important quality in a man for me.

*He has dreams.
This goes on the no-no list too, but it's actually a good thing, if I were married to a salaryman drone with no ambition except to stay with the same company sucking his Superior's cocks for the rest of the life, it would be all over red-rover. As long as his pipe dreams stay a little bit confined, it really doesn't bother me.

OK, that's enough for now, too much more and he'll actually start looking like a saint. Nobody's perfect, and as much as I think he's unreasonable a lot of the time, we have to take a step back and appreciate the good things sometimes. Saying that, stay posted, the weekend is still young and I may have some bitching that needs to get out before the week starts!


  1. Is he looking over your shoulder right now? Did someone steal your password?

    More's the crack in Osaka? :)

  2. "*He sticks up for me."
    Very, very important. Even more important in a foreign country.
    All the other things are really good, too. BUT something equally important is missing. What about his sex-qualities? With all those qualities he sounds just like a good best friend.

  3. Having someone who sticks up for you is so important. Even if you can do it yourself, it can be a lot harder than having someone else step in.

  4. Hey, this is actually good to see! A blog is a good place to vent, but good to hear about the good things about him too! Now that you have another little one on the way, you're stuck together for a bit longer in any case ;)

  5. I agree, the number of men out of 100 who would stay and support a pregnant foreign girl they effectively knew nothing about (how much can you learn about anyone in only a few weeks), is pretty close to zero. Being the son of a father who disappeared and has never wanted anything to do with me (albeit in slightly different circumstances but that's not the point), I salute your husband.

  6. I concur with the above.
    Good on him for standing by you.
    It must have been quite a shock for both of you.
    Then again, you're a hot babe, with a good head on your shoulders, who wouldn't stand by you.
    He won the jackpot!

  7. Just realized how important the "sticking up for you" part is (no pun intended). Support from the spouse is crucial when you've got a family. Enjoyed reading that your man didn't just roll over with the common "it can't be helped" attitude.

  8. credit cards in the mail - love it. Sticking up for you is a huge one and ditto the dad thing. If hub was a fuckwit dad on top of being a prick to me I'd be gone. Actually, I wonder if I only had one child if I'd be gone anyway. Hmmmm. Too late now :)

  9. Much as I enjoy lurking about and reading your bitchy entries (that sounds quite creepy, now that I put it that way), I have to agree and say that I enjoyed this entry a lot! As long as you don't switch over to only saying nice things about your husband, your SIL, and your in-laws. I have to admit, I'd get bored.

  10. Another thumbs up for sticking up, if that doesn't sound too pornographic. This is so important in any relationship, especially ones involving kids.

  11. Why is it so much more fun to bitch about our husbands than to say nice things about them?? But it is nice to hear good things to!! Hes a good boy!! And it's great he treats you the way you deserve to be treated!! Its true not many boys would stick around!! I definately think it was meant to be!! :)

  12. Sounds like a keeper to me! ;)

    I wish my husband was more agressive, he never tries to negociate he woud be a terrible businessman XD

  13. HI Corinne, I have been reading your great blog since August.
    I wanted to write to say I knew your husband was a good guy . Reading between the venting, but was glad to read this here.
    I live rurally and have trouble making English sentences that sound natural-sorry. I am English and I have a Japanese husband and little son and read your blog for information and entertainment, my favourite was the entry around you birthday when you wrote YOu might as well treat yourself as no other 0£%$er is going to do it or something like that. I often find birthdays tough here but from now I will make sure i organise to treat myself. Very good advice. Thank you.

  14. Hi Corinne,

    I'm a long time lurker, nice to meet you!
    I'm glad to hear there are qualities to your man that render him loveable :) It's always easier to moan than to gush, huh?
    I have a question that is a wee bit off topic, but you wrote about having your tonsils out recently and I was wondering if you had any updates as to how that went for you. How often did you say you were getting tonsillitis again? I've had chronic tonsillitis before but it went away for a few years but it's back again. It happens when I go for a long run. When did you find yours would attack you? Have you been free of it since the operation?

    Sorry for the personal questions, it's just that I'm sick of reading forum conversations and would love to hear a real story of what happened.

    Thanks in advance!!


  15. awwww :) silver linings, silver linings

    & LMAO at "I'd probably be a single mother smoking crack in the back alley of an Osaka street between hostess jobs while my son was in training to be a 'halfu talento' to support us."

  16. haha, aww.... i'm glad for this post. take the good with the bad, girl!

    also, i loled at the very same excerpt navjeet before me just quoted.