Saturday 25 February 2012

OK last one!!

Sorry, but the mystery car park is just intriguing me!

Today they all showed up again, and as I taught kiddy after kiddy they all stood there with their sticks. Sticks and no cars. No people. No circus. Nothing even close to exciting! I was tempted to go and ask them what the fuck was actually going on but I thought it might be a bit weird.

So this was them this arvo...

And then after all that, they started packing up their little tent to go home... It's all over. What the fuck?!

And THEN! Fucking comedy of errors, the truck got bogged and the dipshit driving the truck panicked and just kept getting himself bogged deeper by accelerating despite the wheels just spinning deeper into the mud. I know absolutely nothing about cars/off-road driving/getting bogged, but I know not to do that shit! I was quite amused from my little vantage point anyway!

OK, this will be the last post on the mystery car park, I promise. I have rants backed up about arguments with slutty AKB wannabe high school girls I had a run-in with last weekend. Will write properly soon!


  1. Bring on the AKB wannabe sluts!!!

    I was absorbed by this post but I'd be lying even more if I didn't say..."Briiiiiing oooon THE SLUTS!!!!!!" ;)

  2. Okay... the stick men in outfield phenomenon is now making me kind of curious and sad that I find it so. Quick, beam me up Jesus!