Thursday 31 May 2012

Dog guilt

Dear fucking God I cursed the dog with my post!

Within literally 10 minutes of writing that last post, sister-in-law informed me she was cancelling her one day of work she has a week and could she please borrow our car because the dog was 'shindoi.'
Now 'shindoi 'is one of those lovely over-used Japanese words that can mean anything from 'a bit buggered', to 'just can't be fucked', to 'on my death bed'. So she clarified that the dog wasn't able to walk and wasn't eating anything.

I instantly felt bad, I didn't mean to curse the poor little thing with my blogging!
So they took him to the vet and he was no better today so he's staying at the vet getting drips and making said vet rich to see if he gets any better, but when sister in law came home in tears she said the vet had kept saying "Hmmm he is really old you know..." I guess that meant there wasn't that much they could do. I personally feel putting him down is the humane thing to do with pets that have had a long life (he's 12) and have little chance of good quality of life, but I dare not say this to sister-in-law (I just feel wrong calling her dog-fucker now...) because she may just have a bit of a mental breakdown.

I offered my help in any way as far as driving to and from vets and gave her an awkward pat on the back, if it had been a normal person a hug would have been in order but the Japanese aren't big on hugging and especially not sister-in-law, so I steered clear.

The only thing that gives me hope the dog will recover, is when sister-in-law went on holiday for a week a few years ago, we all were SO sure the dog was dying, but he's THAT pampered that he was just missing her and perked up when she got home. The timing is interesting seeing as though MIL is in Thailand, I wonder if he'll make a dramatic recovery when she gets back. I made the mistake(?) of mentioning this to SIL and she jumped on it straight away, mailing furiously that her mum should come home asap, she's still got a week of her trip to go and is with her on-again, off-again boyfriend in Bangkok so I doubt she'll want to come home earlier, (plus I want my fake bags I ordered!!) but who knows what the members of this family will do for that dog.

So blogging Gods, I officially apologise for teasing the poor dog, please help him to recover quickly!!


  1. Oh no!!!! Poor dog. But I doubt that the blogsphere is powerful enough to curse the poor thing so I think its more due to old age than blog venting. I do hope the poor thing gets better. Dealing with a distraught, depressed SIL would suck if he died, especially with MIL away and unable to take the brunt of it. Good luck!

  2. shit, that was uncanny timing. Am hoping dog gets better though, or at least, SIL doesn't have a complete breakdown if dog doesn't.

  3. Oh I think its fair game when people act outrageous like that. its sad and awkward while being quite funny at the same time. I have a coworker that has a dog who feigns injury when she is earshot or withing visibility because he knows she will pick him up and pamper him.

  4. "So blogging Gods, I officially apologise for teasing the poor dog, please help him to recover quickly!!"

    You might have a little bit of a problem. If, at first, you muttered any kind of 'please, take him away' prayer... the only way to keep the pooch going until MIL returns from Thailand would necessitate some kind of psychokinetic control. You might need a medium for that.

    Sure, wish I could help.

  5. Oh shit I REALLY didn't wanna read this.

    My pets are the only family I got or ever will have. I feel for SIL...I really do.

  6. Could it be that:

    Dog + Cake = Sick dog


    That being said, I hope the little guy gets better.