Thursday 2 August 2012


Haven't been doing much of it!

However I feel my life slowly but surely returning to something that may resemble normal. Wish I could say the same for my belly, but I'm workin' on it!

I WILL blog tomorrow, there are so many things I could be writing about but I chose not to for no other reason except I'm a lazy bastard.


  1. yay - looking forward to routine blogging again!

  2. Well, c'mon it's hardly LAZY to not blog when you just squeezed out a little one, have to keep the bigger one in line, keep Ryouta within bounds and run an English school! As the Japanese say, blogging is very much a "plus alpha" thing here but looking forward to it in any case!

  3. Damn kid, getting in the way of blogging :)

  4. Yeah, to be fair I think if you're ever going to get a pass on the blogging, it's now.

    I must admit I was hoping for more regular updates on the state of your fanny though :( Pull your finger out, will you.

    No, wait, that's not what I meant...

  5. You def deserve that rest but it's nice to see a Blog up here :)

  6. Sell the kids on Ebay or Yahoo auctions and lets get back to blogging!!! ;)