Friday 24 May 2013

Fuck off fuckers

You know, PMS never effected me, I thought it was something I was immune to but as I get older and pop out more kids the PMS is getting really fucking bad. I find myself actually noticing that I'm irritable, emotional and just generally pissed off. It probably doesn't help that I'm hard core dieting (5kgs gone baby!!!) which also makes me pretty pissed off at the world.

Anyway, the thing that pissed me off (today).

We're still paying dog-fucker (I know the dog is dead but she'll never be known as anything else) to look after Bailey, because he can't get into kindy yet, it's so fucking expensive and I can't wait till July when he's going to kindy even if it's a different one to Ash but until then I just have to grit my teeth and fork out the cash. So I let her know at the beginning of April that April and May are always super fucking busy, so I'd need to leave 20 minutes before the lessons started in order to prepare my shit, I don't think this is unreasonable, and at a handsome sum of about $900 a month I don't think it's too much to ask.

So today was busy, basically I had a 30 minute break all day (now!)

8:30am- Ash's class observation
11am: Come home do bare minimum house work.
12pm: Leave to work at a kindy about 20 minutes away.
3pm: Finish kindy.
3:30pm-4pm: Break
4pm-7pm: Teach at the school.

It's a pretty full day and I was hoping that dog-fucker and Grandma might appreciate that. No such luck.

So I get home from the class obs and Bailey sleeps so I get to down my protein shake, do the washing, washing up and general tidying, Bailey wakes up just as I'm about to leave and he hasn't eaten lunch, but fuck he was asleep, what could I do?!
So I take him over to Grandma's house and Grandma says: Has he eaten lunch?? And I said 'No, sorry.' Then dog-fucker is upstairs and I start giving Bailey yesterday's left over dinner but really need to get out the door. So I say in kind of a bigg-ish voice, 'OK, I'll be off now!' Hoping she'd get the point and come and take over, then Grandma totally fucking chews me out, saying 'You're going now??? Don't you have time to give him lunch!?'...

Am I wrong for thinking that if you take on the responsibility of child-minding (not for free mind you!) that feeding lunch is a pretty basic task that comes with the job?!

I wanted to screech that at Grandma but instead I said with just a slight hiss, 'No, I work at the kindy on Fridays, I have to get there.'

So after Ryota bitching about my mum's behaviour the whole time she was here, I swiftly mailed him to say I was not happy. It made me feel better and his response was pretty good too: "Don't worry, they're dickheads."

Meh, it's not for much longer, I'm probably overreacting due to PMS and carbs craving! Thank fuck it's Friday, just one more day of work left!!!


  1. God daaaaamn girl!!
    You already had stress now your carb cutting? You are are gonna jump out of your own skin and kill folks...I didn't even factor in PMS...thank God Ryota is being cool or you and what you would do to the fam would be world wide news!! :)

  2. Corinne,
    They are insensitive to a fault. I would take care of love Bailey for nothing if he were my grandchild. They don't appreciate you. But think of it this way, its only for a little longer until Bailey can attend Kindy.

    Tell Ryota that you put up with his relatives 24/7 just about. You would really appreciate his cutting some slack to your Mum. Her way is a totally different culture from his--different-not wrong.

    Good luck and have a nice weekend.

    Casey's Mum

    1. I really understand your feeling.
      I guess you think our family doesn't have problem about Koji and mom's relationship. But it has a big problem. The beginning I didn't notice my feeling. I just tryed not to come to the surface. But gradually I couldn't do it. Because I lost myself of stress.
      And year by year the bad condition is getting worse.
      Now I ask Koji to pretend to care of her.
      Living with differnt generation is soooo hard.
      I don't have my own time( free time) even I have no job.You have younger kids and busy job and problem....
      But now is the hardest time for you. Don't have stress as much as possible.
      To meet your friend and tell her your feeling. It helps you. Sometimes you need food you want to eat.

  3. "PMS never effected me"

    Not you perhaps, but those around you might have different stories to tell... ;)

    Regardless, if you're paying someone to do a job, then they should actually do it. Might be time to think about drawing up a contract of some sort, or at least a job description. If they're going to take your money then it's not like they can object. At least not without offering to do it for free, so either way you're up on the deal.

  4. Whoa!

    Is 'Manami' dog-fukker????!!!

    1. HAHA! No, it would be pretty funny if she was though!!! God if her English was anywhere near that good I couldn't bitch about her so much!