Thursday 24 December 2009

Following on...

from last post, decided to suck it up and not get all Christmas crazy, but to make a Christmas dinner and try and bring a bit of spirit to our little part of Japan.

Ryota suggested I cook Christmas dinner tonight and I agreed, however he acted like this would cure my homesickness and make everything better, but he still didn't get the fact that I really don't like cooking that much! It never tastes as good when you do it yourself... Plus, MIL has made 'back-up' sushi, like she's already writing off my effort. To make matters worse, it's now 7:30 and Ryota still isn't home and everything is going to taste like shite anyway. So much for making an effort...
Probably doesn't help also that Ryota and Ash's stockings are all full and waiting for them and Mummy gets zip. Ryota and I had a big discussion about presents last night which ended with a big "mendokusai" from him, but we'll leave that for another present related rant I'm brewing...

OK, better go do the bath thing by myself. Merry fucking Christmas Japan, should have ordered Kentucky after all!!!

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  1. This is too funny. OMG, you just summed up life in Japan. Loved the 'back-up sushi'.
    You can try and try and try to get folks interested in a little celebrating..b'days and so on, but it just falls on deaf ears.
    I once jazzed up some - damn, forgot what they are called, those sushi pocket things, vinegared rice stuffed into that tofu stuff - by adding some Mexican seasoning, was just experimenting, TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, and they were damn good, but when I raved at them to some Japanese friends, they looked at me in horror and said that I was very rude to have messed with the original 'dish', which I'd bought at half price, ready-made, in the usual deli section at the supermarket..damn, can't remember what they are called...but when they looked at me as if I had just beheaded Hello Kitty, I thought, 'sigh, just another spit into the wind.'