Wednesday 6 January 2010

Welcome the year of the tiger, Grrrr!

My my, it has been a while between posts, I'd like to say I've been incredibly busy and had no time to write, or something to make me feel important like writer's block, but in reality, I've been a lazy, mochi-eating slob with an Iphone and therefore little need to use anything other than a hand-held mobile phone from the warmth of bed.

Christmas turned out better than I thought and as usual, Japan has redeemed herself with me for new Year where it's all over-eating and clean houses. Ryo-chan surprised me in the present department with the Iphone and although we had a massive argument about the 'price of Christmas' (there isn't one as far as I'm concerned!!) we had a nice relaxed holiday. Must say though, was pretty glad when he went back to work so I could sleep in without feeling so guilty!
New Years eve was quiet but good, Sassymoo, King N and Princess P came over and we had chu-hi and loads of good but bad food, good in that it was tasty, bad in that I'd probably put on a good 2kgs by New years day. We went to the local shrine at midnight and rang the bell and got our free booze. I prayed for just one night of uninterrupted sleep this year but that is looking unlikely the way little Ash is going...

And because I really have nothing that interesting to write about, I shall join the masses and do a noughties decade sum up, just cos it's fun and I'm in Japan, being a lemming is always in fashion..

2000- Still at high school, being a little rebel on weekends smoking bongs and skulling cheap whisky, part-time job at best and less (clothing store, do I dare compare to uniqlo?? Imagine uniqlo but with flourescent lighting and bargain bins...)

2001- Finished high school with better marks than expected despite killing brain cells with above mentioned bongs, decided to go to uni and study Japanese, me my first love ex-boyfriend and fell in love with his family.

2002- uni, boyfriend, part-time job.

2003- uni, boyfriend, part-time job.

2004- Boyfriend dumped me on my 21st birthday (harsh much!?) and being me it was like my world had ended, well that's the way I felt at the time... I was devastated but more at losing the safeness of what we had and the security and love of his family. I'm pleased to say I still think of his family as my own and love them just as much. Was also due to graduate uni and you know when people ask you that annoying question 'Soooo what are you going to do after Uni??!!' and you want to bitch slap them in the face and scream "I don't know bitch so stop asking me!!!!!" ? Well I would always smile sweetly and answer "I'm going to go to Japan!" Of course in my head I knew I wasn't going to go to Japan, it was just beyond my realms of thinking. But after the break-up I was in more of a 'fuck it all' frame of mind and decided to give it a crack.

2005- Got an interview with NOVA and got the job, was chuffed with myself but didn't realise then that NOVA hired anyone with white skin and ironed clothes.
Came to Japan and lived with one bitchy girl and another great girl who I'm still friends with. HATED men/relationships/marriage.

2006- Drinking. Working. Climbed a few ladders at NOVA and was on pretty good pay, but then I not only had white skin and ironed clothes but I smiled quite a bit AND had blue eyes, which was assured promotion material at NOVA.

2007- Looootttt of drinking, was told by a J-Doc with bad English that i would die from my blood test results, he meant if i kept drinking my liver would give out so I replaced some drinking with running. Did a 10km run. NOVA went broke, was jobless for a looonnnggg boring month but got another job at a public high school, was really enjoying working, running, clubbing on weekends.

2008- Working. Met Ryota in March, knocked up in May, married in July. Went back to Aussie to push out monster-chan.

2009- Had Ash, came back to Japan, did the housewife bit. Got over the housewife dream very quickly and made the decision to work in 2010...

And that's where we are! Ash will be 1 this month and I plan on working full-time, hopefully very soon. I'll either go back to my old high school or we'll rent a space where I can teach privates and hopefully make a go of it. Both options have pros and cons so we'll see.

Happy 2010 y'all! Hope it brings happiness, health and good fortune, oh and just one bastard night's sleep, please Japanese gods, I'm begging you!!!


  1. Your 2005 was almost like mine, although I lived with TWO bitchy NOVA girls. (And I don't have white skin, but maybe my *light* skin, big boobs, and ability to always smile at idiots helped me move up at the big pink usagi.) I don't regret it at all, cause it brought me to Japan--but yeah before all that, I thought I was big shit going to work for them.
    Thank God that was only for a year LOL!

    This year, I'm gonna get my arse off the sofa and run more. (I loved your marathon pictures.) I loathe running, but I wanna experience a "runner's high" once in my life LOL.

    Love your post and pics of your lil' sumo man--he's mad cute!
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Year! That's a crazy decade you had there :-)

  3. Hehehe Im so happy you decided to blog again!!! Its been waaaay too long (damn iphone!!!!!) and ive been blog-stalking you regularly in hope of an update!!! (i have too much free time!!!)

    Dont worry ... i feel soon a full night of sleep will come, for both of us!

  4. Glad you're back and things righted themselves after Xmas for you. Happy New Year!!

  5. Great to read you again!! Happy new year !

  6. Happy New Year Girlie! Great to see you posting again and glad to hear Christmas turned out better than you had thought. Loved reading your recap of the decade! I hope you get a night of sleep soon! xxx

  7. Happy New Year!!!

    Loved reading your decade adventures! It has been fun reading about everyones past and where they have overlapped etc.

    Good luck with the work thing- hope it all works out!